Three Effective Apps and Sites to Get Your Finances in Shape for 2024

December 8, 2020

As each New Year approaches, many of us decide to get our act together financially and start properly planning for the future. But how many of us start with the very best of intentions only to discover that they’ve gone by the wayside by the time that March rolls around?

Well, here’s your chance to make 2021 different by using these three ways to make budgeting easier, saving simpler, and organising your finances much more straightforward.

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Comparison sites

A good starting point is getting on one of the comparison sites like to see if there are any savings you can make on everything from home insurance to your utility bills and from credit cards to broadband. Each one may just represent a moderate saving but, taken together, they will all add up.

As well as saving money on necessities like food and bills, you can also see if you can enjoy savings on your entertainment. A key industry that take advantage of the offer comparison system, for example, is online casino. Comparison sites like trawl through online casinos that have been rated by other customers, such as King Billy and Casino Friday, and organize them into the best bonus offers and free spins. This allows for players to entertain themselves without going overboard on spending. There are also entertainment comparison sites that focus on the best TV streaming services and entertainment systems, even video games; so it’s well worth having a look online to see what you can save. 


If you have to travel for work, you’ll know how complicated it can be to keep track of all of your expenses. The result is that you can forget, or be unable, to claim all the cashback that you’re entitled to. This is where comes in. But it does far more than just help you to note down what you’ve spent and where. You can take pictures of receipts, track the mileage you’ve covered, and download all the information you need onto your work laptop for printing. There’s also an interface that accounts departments are starting to use which lets you submit your expense claims without having to fill in any forms.

This allows users to be more organized financially while spending less time and effort on the task and reduces the likelihood of missing out on any cashback owed. These missed expense claims have the potential to add up to a significant sum, so it is advisable to keep track and claim. 

Toshl Finance

Who says that finance can’t be fun? This app from does much of what other budgeting apps do, but it adds engaging elements of animation. This animation includes representing your finances as a river with tributaries that pay for various expenses along the way. In doing this, it also makes short and longer-term projections. It even uses GPS to help you map exactly which shops, bars, and restaurants are receiving the majority of your spending money.

As well as being entertaining, Toshl finance allows a fresh perspective of your finances and helps customers to realise possible excess spending. This is instrumental in saving money. 

Used all together, these three will cover off pretty much all your finances. This could mean that your New Year financial goals could finally be met in an easier, maybe even more fun, way. 

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