This is the plan.

May 17, 2011

I recently sat down to analyse my financial picture and figure out where things needed to change, and in that analysis I came across a post by my favorite PF blogger, Krystal, at  Give Me Back My Five Bucks, where she  talked about what qualifies one to become a PF blogger.

In short- I dont believe there are any qualifications.

Everything about finances is personal, what I earn, what I spend etc, is personal to me. I am sharing them here in the interest of full disclosure.

I find a lot of my friends are in the same situation as me. We make a good living, most of us moved home to pay off our student loans and are looking for ways to be financial independent and debt free.

Lets be honest, we dont like people telling us to do, but if they are put in the position of an expert, then we listen and take advise. Personal Finance, and this blog, is a diary of my efforts, trails and successes. I have learned some lessons along the way that I wish to share, and they are not meant as tutorials, but more as commentary. If you, my valued reader, take any useful info out of it, then great, if not, then sit back and be amused.


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