The Ultimate Smarter Loans Review

December 18, 2019

Finding a loan can be complicated, cumbersome and quite confusing – even in Canada. The online directory of Smarter Loans aims to simplify this clumsy search and streamline the process for Canadians across the nation. That is why this smarter loans review exists!

Smarter Loans provides a robust website of information. It claims to share “only the best, highest rated providers of personal and business loans in Canada,” noting that individuals can gain loans swiftly following an online application. It operates under a mission focused on helping Canadians “make smarter financial decisions” through education and comprehensive connections. The site also promises safety and convenience in addition to speed.

Led by co-founders Vlad Sherbatov, company president, and Rafael Rositsan, brand CEO, Smarter Loans works with dozens of professional journalists toward a validated list of loan recommendations. They research, review and qualify every external company featured on the site, per its “About” navigational section. This 30-plus listing of journalists include financial industry leaders, entrepreneurs, experienced writers and others, many of whom have brief biographical features for perusal. Smarter Loans notes that these “thought leaders from Canada’s leading companies contribute content to educate visitors about financial matters.” And education seems paramount to the online company, one that also extends a written commitment to transparency, safety, superior customer service and responsible lending.

These tenets form the basis of Smarter Loans, which focuses heavily on the minute details of loans – background information, loan rates, customer reviews and more, ranging from mortgages and credit cards to auto, personal and business loans. The site also features a frequently updated blog, tools for comparison and links to well-maintained social media pages.

At first look, the service is engulfed in an excess of details, appearing almost overwhelming. But further inspection showcases an easy-to-navigate website with ample information for applying and obtaining a loan. There are, however, various pros and cons about Smarter Loans that require a bit of consideration for any potential user in Canada:


Start with the good news, right? There’s certainly plenty of it for Smarter Loans. Here are some of the most positive attributes for the brand:

  • Smarter Loans is, succinctly, a one-stop-shop for the loan process. They make it super simple for any individual in Canada who is interested in any type of loan to gain the proper information then pre-apply. It’s not only an accommodating and proactive resource but also an extremely accessible one for any person who has an internet connection.

  • Three words: It is free. For such a healthy Rolodex of loan details, you’d typically expect a lofty price tag. But Smarter Loans provides all of its well-researched information completely free of charge. Who doesn’t like “free”?

  • The amount of information shared across the website is sincerely significant but in a mostly good way. Smarter Loans has left few stones unturned as it divulges details. Its promised professional research is demonstrated highly through its loan summaries, fact sheets and beneficial uses for potential borrowers.

  • Smarter Loans absolutely demonstrates the well-rounded knowledge of its leadership and contributing writers. From specific loan pages to informative pieces across the blog, the expertise and experience occurring behind the scenes is evident. For those within the financial industry or simply interested in the loan process, Smarter Loans proves to be an immensely valuable tool.

  • The website contains undeniable organization and efficiency. Users don’t have to comb through pages upon pages of content when seeking supremely specific information. Smarter Loans has utilized several navigational tabs with stacked subtabs to maximize proficiency as much as possible.

    Canadians can navigate via their residential province with every location listed. They also can choose by their desired loan type – personal, business, mortgages, trucks and trailers, equipment, auto and credit cards – with more precise types (such as home renovation loans and truck fleet financing) also noted. Navigation extends to lenders, trucking brands, business industries and mortgage rates. This helpful mapping by Smarter Loans increases readability and ease of use. Any user can discover his or her uniquely specific information with just a few clicks despite the abundance of data available across the entire site.

  • The pre-application process is both timesaving and easy. To apply initially for a loan on Smarter Loans, an individual must have basic personal information in addition to his/her credit score and gross monthly income. In just 15 to 20 short inquiries (depending on the loan type) – two of which request a person’s name – the pre-application can be submitted, and the loan process immediately begins. Swift and simple.

  • Smarter Loans’ social media presence is terrific for today’s technology-driven society. The brand holds pages across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, most of which have been updated within days or weeks. These channels showcase photos, facts, links, achievements, videos and more, reaching audiences in arenas that they regularly use. And that is truly vital to success among digital mediums.
Everything you need to know about Smarter.Loans


And with the good must come the bad. For all its successes in sharing services, Smarter Loans also encounters a few pitfalls across its site. Here are some of the negative qualities:

  • Yes, the website presents a lot of information – but it can be A LOT of information. While that’s beneficial if someone knows precisely what they seek, it’s overwhelming if one is unsure- however, this smarter loans review isn’t going to hold that against them. Outwardly, as previously mentioned, the abundance of navigational tabs and loan-specific details is simply engulfing. Most individuals would feel at least a bit hesitant to dive right in on the very first site visit. That said, a simple search functionality will solve this.

  • Because Smarter Loans publishes so much content, it can be challenging to narrow down the publishing date for each article. 


Sure, a few faults exist for Smarter Loans, but the strengths of the site and service far outweigh any missteps or missing details. All in all, Smarter Loans is a superior resource for Canadians who need a loan and need it quickly or simply want to gather comprehensive info on loans, interest rates and best-served audiences. From personal to business, mortgages to automobiles, Smarter Loans truly provides an impressive, thorough website to the financial market and the digital space.

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