Public Mobile Wants Your Junk With Their #SIMSwap Program + A HUGE GIVEAWAY!

September 20, 2016

Having worked in the telecommunications industry for the beginning of my career, I can tell you first-hand how restrictive cell phone plans can be.  Certain networks have set the monthly fee bar, and most consumers think that they have no choice when it comes to customizing your monthly plans.

Let’s be honest here, I like having options.

I like having the flexibility of ramping my plan up or down as needed- especially when it work needs.

Public Mobile #SIMSWAP

Enter Public Mobile.  A contract and commitment-phobe’s cell phone plan dream come true!

Not only are they helping Canadians get great coverage without contracts, but with their #SIMSwap program, they are also helping you get rid of some of your junk as well.

Yep, junk!  Give them your junk and get a free SIM card.

All you have to do is take a picture of something you consider useless and tag @publicmobile with the hashtag #SIMswap on Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget to make sure your accounts are set to public first.

On Facebook, just post the photo on their wall. Public Mobile will reach out with a unique URL where you can order your SIM, and they might use your useless item in their ads.

Plus, you’ll get a little surprise gift. SIM cards will be mailed to each participant. or can be picked up in person at a location and date to be determined.


It really doesn’t get any simpler that!


Not sure what to send?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Gum wrapper
  • Empty cans
  • Rolled up tinfoil
  • Old hand lotion bottles
  • Broken headphones
  • Old Sunglasses
  • Empty nail polish bottles


Pretty much anything that you would classify as junk (but don’t bring furniture or appliances- donate those!)

You know what’s really cool about the #SIMSwap program?

The way that Public Mobile shares our desire as Canadians to get the most value out of almost anything, and letting us find out the best plans for us.


And it makes sense. Public Mobile is all about offering us the easiest way to communicate- in this particular case that means not having any contracts, using our phones and earning rewards to save more money.

One of the biggest hesitations that most people have when it comes to switching is having reception when they need it. Public Mobile is on a national network so that’s not an issue here.


I’m also giving away an Alcatel phone giveaway and one year of free service from Public Mobile!

Alcatel phone and one year of free service from Public Mobile Giveaway!


This post is sponsored by Public Mobile but the feelings towards cell phone contracts is all mine!



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