Polished to perfection: 5 simple styling tricks for looking flawless

October 25, 2016

Everyone has that one friend who always looks as though she’s just returned from a week at the spa, even when she’s stepping off an overnight transatlantic flight. It’s hard to take when you happen to be the friend who constantly looks like she’s just rolled out of bed.

How do they manage it? What kind of black magic is keeping their hair flawlessly in place, despite the raging storm outside? Do they have a stylist secretly following them about? A pact with the devil?

Luckily we’ve got the answers, and you won’t need to burn through your credit rating or sell your soul to take advantage of them.

Looking perfectly polished all comes down to a few thrifty styling tricks which are super easy to emulate.

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Here are our top five…

#1: Stylish scarves

Scarves are a stylish accessory for any occasion, adding interest and colour to the simplest of looks – and making it seem like you spent much more time picking out your clothes than you did.

They’re also every messy eater’s secret best friend, sneakily hiding any ugly stains or spills.

#2: Trouble-free dressing

Have you ever been sat in a meeting only to discover that your shirt has gotten annoyingly ruched up under your skirt? A mad fumble to slyly sort it out ensues, but it’s never quite subtle enough.

For a hassle-free look, 2 in 1 dresses are your go-to saviours. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your outfit is sitting right, even if you’ve just finished a mad dash to get to work on time.


#3: Chip-free manicures

No prim and proper fashionista would be caught dead with chipped nails, the most obvious sign of lazy personal upkeep.

A Shellac manicure will last for up to three weeks, giving you a much better result than DIY nail polish as well as the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a cheeky pamper session.

#4: Chic sunglasses

Sunglasses are a celebrity airport favourite for one very good reason – they hide a multitude of sins.

Tired, bloodshot eyes are never attractive, but pop on a pair of oversized shades and your admirers will be none the wiser. Pick ones with a slight vintage style for a glamourous Audrey Hepburn vibe.


#5: Makeup essentials

A bold eye and bright lipstick requires lots of upkeep, and is far more likely to go wrong if you’re doing touch-ups in a rush. Light, natural makeup is the key to looking fresh throughout the day.

Keep blotting pads in your handbag to quickly get rid of a shiny forehead, and always have a trusty lip gloss in there, too, for when you need an extra boost.

Master our five top tips, and the next time you have an important meeting or exciting date you’ll look polished to perfection throughout it all.

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