Opening up a TD E-series account

June 21, 2011

This is my very first year looking into getting a TFSA, and I have been weighing my options. ING offers a great option, so does a few other banks. I currently just have my RRSPs and Mutual Funds through Scotiabank and Manulife.. They were set up a few years back and I check up on them periodically but I havent been too involved with. I have been hearing a lot about getting a TFSA and felt that the responsible thing to do would be to explore the option.

After doing a lot of research on different options for my TFSA, I have settled on including TD E-Series funds as a part of it.

The 3 hours of research was the easy part. Getting the account opened is the hard part. As most of you would know, you can not open up an account online. There are multiple steps.

  • Step 1. Go the bank. Yes, I know, it is common sense but still. I am very happy with the hours of operation for TD.
  • Step 2. Open up a TD Mutual Fund account. You need to bring 2 pieces of government ID and it helps if you have a general idea of your networth.
  • Step 3. I opened up a Bank account with it as well, just in case. I remember the days when TD was offering IPODs to bring customers over. I miss those days.
  • Step 4. Register your account online.
  • Step 5. You will have to link another account to it to transfer funds in your TD account.
  • Step 6. Print out the Mutual Funds to E-series conversion form, fill it in and attach a void for the link another account. (see above)
  • Step 7. Mail the form in.
  • Step 8. Wait for CANADA POST to not be on strike .

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  • Echo June 26, 2011 at 4:05 am

    Step 8 is a bummer 🙂

    Opening an E-Series account for my daughter’s RESP is still on my to-do list.

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