Keep your Skin Looking Great During the Cold Weather

December 1, 2013

During the winter we all know to wrap up warm and dig out our scarves and gloves. But many of us neglect a certain area that needs our attention more than every during the cold weather; our skin can easily become dry and cracked, causing us pain and irritation if not cared for properly. That’s why it’s important to look after your skin in the bitter cold and there are a number of ways in which you can keep it looking great.

How to get great skin


Snug as a Bug in a Rug


A tip for the winter in general is to keep warm, but this is also true when it comes to your skin. The better wrapped up you are, the less your skin is subjected to the harsh conditions and the less moisture is likely to evaporate, so always make sure you have your gloves, tights or trousers and a scarf on when you leave the house. Not only are you then less likely to have dry and cracked skin, but you will no doubt cope a lot better getting through the next few months of freezing temperatures!

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise


This could be the most important one, as during the winter the moisture levels within your skin are far higher than in the air. It therefore evaporates far quicker than in the other seasons and you can be left in pain and feeling highly unattractive. Therefore, moisturising is essential and should be carried out on a daily basis. The best time for this could be once you have taken a shower as you will have gotten rid of the dirt and be left with a ‘clean canvas’. Don’t forget any areas that are feeling tight and dry, and apply extra to spots such as the elbows as these can often dry out quicker than others.


Get Lippy


Your face is an area which is often neglected as you don’t quite realise how dry it is when doing things like applying makeup. However, it can actually be one of the areas which need the most attention during the winter as it is possibly subjected to the cold more than any other area. Make sure that each morning and evening you apply a moisturiser specifically for the face to keep the skin looking healthy.


Don’t forget your lips either as this can be an area that becomes dry very quickly. One of the worst things you can do is to lick your lips as this will make them dry out quicker. Instead, every time you are tempted to lick your lips, apply lip balm as this will get moisture back into the skin instead of encouraging it to evaporate.


Be Hands On


Our hands are often out in the elements, whether it’s fiddling with keys or trying to use our phones, and applying a hand cream every few hours can be highly beneficial. The cold weather can have a painful effect on our hands as the skin often cracks on areas where there’s lots of movement, such as the knuckles. When the skin is stretched as we open and close our hands, it can split and take days to heal, proving to be extremely sore.


Hydration is Key


Applying moisturiser is all very well but if you are not looking after your skin from the inside then your efforts could be wasted. Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day could have huge benefits to your skin as you will be glowing from within. Drinking lots of water will keep your brain working as it should be too, so really there are multiple reasons to keep drinking!


Give your Skin a Lift


When your skin is dry and lacks moisture, it can start to die and you can be left with extremely flaky skin. You should then exfoliate a number of times a week to lift the dead skin and reveal the healthy skin underneath. This will help you to stay looking fresh and will save you from simply wasting moisturiser on dead skin that will not benefit from it.


A treatment such as a hydrafacial which exfoliates the skin and inputs moisture back into the newly revealed skin would be a great idea. Health and Aesthetics offer this treatment across Hampshire and Surrey and could leave you feeling refreshed and beautiful.


This post was written by Amy Bennett on behalf of Health and Aesthetics. The cosmetic skin clinic and laser centre offers a number of treatments that will leave you with beautiful looking skin.



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