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Low Budget Entertainment Ideas

January 21, 2015

When you think entertaining, it’s easy to imagine hours spent slaving away in the kitchen to create the finest of buffets to impress friends. But who says entertaining shouldn’t be easy or inexpensive? Here are some creative and fun entertaining ideas that won’t break your back or your budget.

Ultimate Barbeque

A backyard barbeque is the quintessential way to embrace low budget entertaining in a really casual way. It’s a relaxed way to spend an afternoon or evening with minimal preparation or cost. Most people expect to bring something to barbeques so encourage them to do just that. One friend brings the sausages, another the meat, someone else the bread and you provide the salads. And don’t forget the drinks! These days, backyard barbeques aren’t restricted to meat, so check out the websites of barbeque experts such as BBQ Galore for the latest products, ideas and recipes.

Themed Parties

Have some fun with your entertaining by embracing a theme. This doesn’t mean going to great expense either. Pop down to your local op shop for extra supplies and decorate to your theme from there. Themes could include Mexican night featuring enchiladas or tacos, a Great Gatsby inspired cocktail party, or really have fun with a hillbilly theme featuring mismatched plates, jars as glasses and an easy-to-make stew for the main course.

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What Does Your Vanity Cost You?

August 19, 2014

How much do we really spend on looking good? Have you actually ever sat down to figure it out? Looking is good isn’t cheap. And everyone who claims that they “WOKE UP LIKE THIS” is pretty much lying.

I’m not just talking about the money that we spend on our gym membership, or the shakes that we buy, but the creams, lotions, etc. They all add up.

The obvious: This is where you see gym fees, fancier cars, and tanning and everything else. We do what we can to hold back the hands of time. Gym fees alone can cost anywhere between $30-$100 a month. Let’s not even talk everything else.

The not-so obvious: Ever notice how our wardrobe changes as your body does? We try to stay in shape (or maybe we don’t), and instead of working out, we just buy new things that would flatter our new bodies better? Heck, buying workout clothes becomes a challenge sometimes- especially if you’re planning on wearing them to the gym.

The subtle choices: These are the choices that are made subconsciously. You know the time when you walk into a store, and pay attention to products that claim to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles? The products that have almost the exact same formula as your normal products, but you’re willing to pay more the magic words on the bottle?

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 1.26.42 PM


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Upgrade your living space on a budget

July 28, 2014

If you’re lusting after a new look for your living space from a point of distinct pecuniary disadvantage, don’t despair. While the gorgeous oriental rugs and wood-burning stove might have to wait, you can initiate your own $100 makeover, but without a sheet of MDF, tacky feature wall or redundant woodblock ornament in sight.

Tips for Choosing the Right Running Shoes

February 18, 2014

Have you run so much that you have just worn through your old running shoes? Whether you run in marathons, train for local 5Ks or just jog to stay in shape, no shoes are going to last forever. You do not want to keep running in the same pair for too long, or they could grow very uncomfortable, and they may even lead to injury. When you go to get a new pair, though, it can be hard to know what you should buy, especially if you loved the old shoes and you need to find something else that you like just as much. These tips can help you choose the right ones.

1. Check to see if the sizing charts are the same

Technically, shoes are all supposed to adhere to the same sizing guidelines, but this is hard to do in a practical sense. You may wear a size 10 in one brand and a 10.5 in another. Check this first so that you do not just buy the size you had before, assuming that they will fit, and not find out that they are too large or too small until you are on the road.

2. Check the listed weights

When you go running, lighter shoes are often better. They make you faster, which is great for competition. They also make it easier to run, which is just nice for your body. Heavy shoes can make running something that you dread, while light ones can make it a joy. Try to find the lightest ones that you can. This should not be the only thing that you look for, but, if all other things are equal between two options, the weight can be the deciding factor.

Sketchers Flex Appeal Sweet Spot

3. Consider your surface

Where do you run the most? Do you go to the local gym and run on a track, or do you like to hit the trails near your house? Do you just run on the sidewalk? All of these surfaces need different levels of traction. You need heavier tread if you are going to run in the forest, for instance, than if you are on a padded track.

4. Do not forget about ankle support

In your quest for light shoes, you may choose the smallest ones that you can find, but it is important to remember that there has to be a balance with ankle support. Without it, you could easily roll your ankle with one wrong step. The best shoes are not going to make you feel stiff, like your movements are restricted, but they are going to give you that extra support when you need it. This is most important if you run on uneven surfaces, such as trails.

5. Try them on to check the arch support

Finally, a good pair of shoes need to give you arch support, as well. This is different for everyone, based on the way that your foot is formed. Some people need far more support than those with relatively flat feet. Know what your body needs and make sure that you get a shoe that matches for maximum comfort while running.

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Keep your Skin Looking Great During the Cold Weather

December 1, 2013

During the winter we all know to wrap up warm and dig out our scarves and gloves. But many of us neglect a certain area that needs our attention more than every during the cold weather; our skin can easily become dry and cracked, causing us pain and irritation if not cared for properly. That’s why it’s important to look after your skin in the bitter cold and there are a number of ways in which you can keep it looking great.

How to get great skin


Snug as a Bug in a Rug


A tip for the winter in general is to keep warm, but this is also true when it comes to your skin. The better wrapped up you are, the less your skin is subjected to the harsh conditions and the less moisture is likely to evaporate, so always make sure you have your gloves, tights or trousers and a scarf on when you leave the house. Not only are you then less likely to have dry and cracked skin, but you will no doubt cope a lot better getting through the next few months of freezing temperatures!

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Hanging Out with Friends: Do it on a Budget

October 9, 2013

I like going for drinks with friends. There, I said it. I tend to work 15-hour days and want to spend time unwinding with people I care about after work-but I also happen to do it a few times a week.

It’s not that I want stop taking advantage of the warm weather we’ve had the last few days but rather, I want to keep more money in my pocket. As a result, I’ve taken a look at how to cut back on the spending, but not on the fun.  We all know the perks of saving money. There are plenty of blogs that can tell you that. That being said, I’m not here to preach about getting an annuity quote, but to give practical advice on saving money.

Dining in:

Eating in is the most obvious solution for the chronic diner but somehow goes forgotten. Only a fool would pass on cooking the same lacklustre pasta I get from the restaurants at home. I can save myself, and my guest, at least $20/meal. That adds up fairly quickly and the funny thing is, some meals are better at home.

Save money when hanging out with friends, ways to save money, dinner recipe, pasta salad recipe

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