About Me

My name is Marissa, well my middle name is Marissa, but I go by that. I also answer to whatever my mom decides to call me.

I’m a Managing Director of a consulting firm, real estate investor, traveller, and marketer, Co-Founder of Spark Sessions.

I’m the definition of the typical millennial.


I’m the girl who went to school for her Ph.D., while working full time. I’m, also, the girl who gave up a 6 figure salary in the corporate world to find something else that interested me more.

I also believe that the 9-5 isn’t meant to for all us, and we have the ability to build lifestyles that work for us. But, for that to happen, we need to be financially secure.

Money makes the world go around.

That’s the reason why I truly believe in the mindset of building wealth instead of “erasing debt”. Because debt is toxic to your future plans.

Heck, it’s toxic to your present plans.

When I started this blog I was a 20-something recent grad who had credit card debt and student loans. I have a Ph.D. in MicroBiology, and because of my hatred for the subject, do not work in that field.

I was taking in a single application. I have read the annotation and know that this is a very strong antidepressant, it is even considered as drugs. You can buy it by a prescription.

helps to relieve the feeling of tension, fear, panic and improves the mood. But you shouldn’t abuse them. Moreover, you shouldn’t prescribe it to yourself or according to recommendations. If there is trouble of this kind, it is best to consult a therapist to pick the right pills.

Even though I worked all through university and grad school, and earned more than a very competitive salary, I also spent a great deal of it, foolishly, on things that I can’t recall or have evidence of any longer – I bought fancy and shiny things, and pretty much avoided having to make grown up financial decisions.

It wasn’t all bad though. I did travel around the world and have been exposed to some of the most vibrant cultures imaginable.

While I’m still guilty of making impulses purchases, and taking trips because I have ‘3 days off’, I’m able to do that because I’ve paid off my credits cards, and finished paying off my student loans.

Money makes the world go round.

Why “Thirty Six Months”?

I named this blog Thirty Six Months, because I read research (I’m nerd like that) that on how it is advisable to be able to pay off all of your consumer debt within thirty six months, otherwise debt fatigue sets in.

Feel free to get in touch at Marissa@thirtysixmonths. com if you want to chat further!