Your Office Refurbishment Checklist in Touch Economic Times

September 25, 2013

When your options are to refurbish or redevelop, in this economic climate, we both know which one is more likely to get past the board of directors.

So how do you structure a refurbishment project effectively?

We’ll take you through the process step-by-step, with these easily digestible stages.



This is the first question you should be asking yourself. What is your motive for refurbishment? Your project needs direction, so think of your answer (to the ‘why?’ question) as your guiding compass. Always bear it in mind; it will keep you focused.



Question number two: who should be involved in the refurbishment? Choose a champion. Although refurbishment is a mammoth task, someone needs to be calling the shots and feeding back to you. You really don’t want too many cooks…in the office (you get what we’re trying to say).

He or she will have to have a level of seniority and be a great multi-tasker with fantastic communication skills. Your champion also needs to stick firmly to budget. Who ticks all those boxes?


Get Everyone Involved

You’ll get some of your best ideas from members of staff. They have to work in the office, so it’s important that they have input. You can create an online forum to address concerns and make proposals. Alternatively, you can contact team managers and ask them to hold a mind-mapping session.



Make sure you have your landlord’s permission, for goodness sake.

Refurbishment Company

Unless you plan to roll up your sleeves and refurbish the entire building yourself, you’ll have to find a reputable office design company. This will take no small amount of research. Be sure you’re happy with them before you sign anything.

Ask them to survey your building and make suggestions, as well as provide you with cost estimation. Make sure that health and safety concerns are at the top of their agenda.


How Much Money Can You Spend?

Set your budget and stick to it. When choosing a refurbishment company, always ask for quotes for everything. You may get ambushed by hidden costs, if you’re not careful.



It’s always difficult to negotiate the best times to refurbish. Of course, you want to cause minimal disruption to your business and staff, but refurbishment companies may want to work during the week, like the rest of us. You may be able to locate a business that will refurbish during weekends and evenings, so see what you can find.


Consider Sustainability

Not only is the government pushing for greater sustainability from businesses, but you may find that it saves you a lot of money, if you greenwash your company. Refurbishment offers up a rare opportunity to make energy savings.



You may not be looking to refurbish the whole building, so which areas are most in need? Visualise the blank space you will be given and understand that walls can be removed. Plan for future growth and storage.