Add a Little Fun To Your Weekend

April 21, 2015

Over the past year my husband and I have been working hard to get out of debt. We finally decided to get serious about making lifestyle changes and take on some extra work to shrink down our number. Every summer we take a vacation, but this year we weren’t really sure we could fit it into our tight budget.

We decided that we still needed a week of R&R to escape from the rigors of everyday life so we decided on a staycation.  The staycation isn’t new to us, and over the past several years we’ve come up with tips to make a vacation at home relaxing and restful.

Though it may be tempting to have an entire week to take care of projects around the house, this time should be dedicated to giving yourself a break. This means no housework, no laundry, and no work emails. It’s a great idea to give your house a good cleaning before you start your week, so you get rid of the chaos and feel relaxed and at peace.  You may even want to take your staycation to the extreme, by unplugging from all electronics. I know that I would be anxious without my phone, but I’ve heard it’s a great thing!

Take this opportunity to do the things at home you’ve been wanting to do, but just haven’t had time to get to.  Work a puzzle while listening to music and enjoying a snack. Make your way through the pile of books and magazines that you’ve been waiting to read. Sleep in late or watch a series on Netflix that you’ve been dying to see. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re looking for a change of scenery, explore the city you live in or drive to a larger city nearby.  The staycation is the perfect chance to take in the local culture and check out some great spots that exist right in your own backyard. Take this opportunity to visit a museum, zoo, or beach. If you’re looking for something low key, visit a local bookstore, and enjoy a cup of coffee while browsing the latest literature.

If the weather is nice, grab some snacks at Walgreens, and enjoy a light picnic at the park.

When I’m on a staycation, I try to avoid any kind of cooking.  I cook all week long so the last thing I want to do is slave over the stove and clean up dishes. Some people really enjoy cooking, so if that’s your thing, go for it!  Instead I like to take this opportunity to try out all the local restaurants that friends have recommended.  Yes, this does cost money, but the amount you’re spending on meals out is nothing compared to what you would spend on a full blown vacation.

You don’t have to travel far to have a good vacation.  If you’re looking to unwind and rest on a budget, than a staycation might be for you!