Ways To Save Expenses At Your Business

December 4, 2012

It’s nearing the end of the year, and for many companies and businesses, that means looking at the books and putting together final financial statements ahead of tax season.  When you’re examining all your income and expenses, you may be asking yourself ways that you can save money for next year, especially if you feel like some expenses may be out of line.

Save on Office Supplies


The first thing you should do is look at ways that you can save money on office supplies or other equipment that you use in your office.  You should look online and see if the pricing that you’re receiving is competitive compared to the best online prices.  You may find that a lot of online prices are much cheaper than traditional brick and mortar supply companies.

 Negotiate Everything

 Next, you need to see if you can negotiate prices on anything.  In business, you can negotiate and force competition on just about anything you use.  For example, you can compare business electricity prices on various sites, where you can see what companies are charging for electricity.  That is just one example of what you can negotiate – look at what your suppliers may be charging for other utilities as well.  If you run an online business, look and see if you can get a discount on your hosting expenses, or threaten to switch to a competing hosting company.


Look at Outsourcing


Finally, you can look at outsourcing some of the activities of your business.  There are two ways you can look at this – is it cheaper to outsource a task rather than pay someone in-house to do the same task.  Or, if you outsource the task, does it free you up to do other, more profitable tasks, like getting more customers?  These are questions you should ask yourself when looking at your expenses and thinking about considering outsourcing.