Want to play an Adventure/Puzzle game? Try moving from a Big House to a Condo

July 27, 2015

Moving from a house to a condo is a lot like playing a puzzle game with a little adventure on the side. It’s no easy feat and it poses quite a challenge for anyone who’s never moved before. Moving from one house to another is a bit easier, save for the hassle of packing up all your things in boxes and making sure everything is safe from the hazards of a moving truck.

Permits and More

Moving to a condo is a whole different ballgame. First, you have to factor in the date and time you’re going to move in. Some condo associations have very strict rules about this. You’d have to get the necessary permits to move in (move in/out permit, street permit), and you need to secure a space in the cargo area of the condo because you and the movers will be using the service elevator to move all your stuff.

Avoid moving on busy times of the day (rush hour) and days that all the parking spaces might be full (weekends, holidays). In short, you have to be a ninja with your moving time or you’ll cause a traffic jam or worse, get fined.

Your old Stuff won’t Fit

This is sad, but true. The old clunker of a sofa you love to crash on? Gone. The big dresser? Gone. Your long dinner table that could fit eight people? Gone. House sized furniture just won’t fit into a regular condo, unless you get a gigantic pad worth $10 million. Technically, you might squeeze them through the door, but then what? How will you rearrange your furniture if they can’t fit the space?

Before moving in, take measurements of the actual space in the condo. Make a crude floor plan if you have to. Measure all your furniture and electronics to see where you can fit them in the floor plan. Try looking for some condos projects online you can draw inspiration from or research hidden storage spaces you can DIY, such as extra storage under the bed, a table that folds and disappears into the wall or even a modular kitchen you can roll around and transform.

Storage can be an Issue

Speaking of storage, there isn’t much of it to begin with. Most condos offer extra storage space or a locker for a fee, but even this neat provision can be lacking, especially if you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. Worst case scenario: put all your old stuff in storage and live minimalist until you can afford to buy new furniture. You can even sell your old furniture, which is probably a better idea if you’re not too attached.

You can look at space saving furniture with built in storage, or you can dedicate a wall and turn it into your main storage area by adding shelves and drawers. You can even hang your bike if you have one.

How about Home Appliances?

Your 50” flat screen TV will probably find a home in the condo, but your large refrigerator and oven probably won’t. You need to buy appliances that fit the scale of your new condo or else your place will look like a child’s tree house with real furniture. Scale it down when you buy your new stuff.

Transitioning from a house to a condo can be a shock to the system, especially when you’re used to big spaces and having a backyard. Make sure you prepare yourself and your loved ones for the transition, do all your measuring beforehand and get yourself furniture that fits the condo’s scale perfectly. Now you can throw a party! Just don’t forget to ask for a permit.