Want to Create Change in Your Community?

January 7, 2013


Is making a difference in your community part of your new year’s resolution list? It is definitely is part of mine. Which is why I am really excited to that see that the Aviva Community Fund is here again.

Aviva Community Fund is an annual charitable activation, funded and supported by Aviva Insurance. and their focus  is to help influence positive change in local communities. We want you to support the causes that are important to you, so we encourage everyone to spread the word for the ideas they care about.

Being an active member of seval non-profit organizations, I see the need for funding first hand, and funds like this one make it possible for good people to do great work in the community

How can you get involved?

Anyone in Canada who is registered on the Aviva Community Fund website can vote for ideas during the Idea Entry and Semi-Final phases of the competition. You can do so by clicking on the  “Vote Now” button on any idea. Or, if you registered using Facebook Connect, you can now vote directly through our Facebook voting app, which you can find on the Facebook page of most ideas or you can  Like Aviva Community Fund.

You can cast 15 votes during each of the three initial rounds and another fifteen votes during the Semi-Finals at any time within each round, but you can only vote for each idea once a day.

How many ideas can you vote for?

You can support as many ideas as you’d like with your votes. But use them wisely. Once a vote is used, you can’t take it back.

Read more at http://www.avivacommunityfund.…. or Follow @Aviva for more information.