The Urge to Move To The Other Side Of The Planet

June 28, 2016

I have a problem. I watch way too much House Hunters International.

That show puts really lofty ideas in your head. I’ve been thinking of moving to a different country for years. I can’t help it, we lived in a whole bunch of countries before I was 12, and that kind of wanderlust doesn’t just go away.

I quit my job 3 years ago with the plan to move to Argentina for 6 months, and work from my laptop. Everything was ready to go, but a promise that I had made kept me back. I can’t say that I am really disappointed since it gave me a chance to a build a flourishing business in the meantime.


But that bug is back. I went on a 7 month long trip last year thinking that it would ease the wanderlust, but it just made it stronger.

So being a research junkie that I am, I just aside a few hours to explore what it would be like to move to the other side of the planet. Australia has been calling my name for years, and I fell in love with Adelaide last time I was there, so naturally I looked to buy a house in Adelaide instead of renting.


I truly believe that we are not meant to be in one place all of our lives, or even the majority of our lives. That’s how we grow, and learn. And while I’m all about packing your backpack, and wandering cities that hadn’t been to before for a month or two, I’m all about the attempt of being a local in a place with a permanent address. Yes, having a job that’s location independent makes it a lot easier, and getting the proper paperwork can take quite a bit of time.

And while packing up your things seems like such a great idea until you realize that it involves selling property, and buying or renting something there.  And yes, I mean buying property in a different country. It’s a foreign concept to some, but if House Hunters International has taught me anything, it’s that people do that sort of thing all the time.

I really recommend binge watching that show if you’re planning on movinG