Upgrade your living space on a budget

July 28, 2014

If you’re lusting after a new look for your living space from a point of distinct pecuniary disadvantage, don’t despair. While the gorgeous oriental rugs and wood-burning stove might have to wait, you can initiate your own $100 makeover, but without a sheet of MDF, tacky feature wall or redundant woodblock ornament in sight.




Accessories are everything

You might not be able to do anything about those tedious beige sofas just yet, but you can bring them up to this season with a sprinkle of accessorising. Splash out on one or two quality furniture items, such as leather sofas and the rest you can be creative with. Cushion covers will set you back around $5 each, but if deployed thoughtfully can add depth to any room. Co-ordinate these with a soft, chenille throw cover for a seating setup that boasts comfort and style. Tag in some matching candles, and for bonus points, a lampshade and some flowers in your accent hue for a cheap refresh.


Do it yourself

While you’re spending your evenings in front of the TV, you could be doing something productive. Collect artsy paper and design magazines to create that beautiful decoupage cabinet you’ve always wanted. Learn how to reupholster that beautiful but ripped chair, once and for all. Sift through old clothes and store co-ordinating materials to make a gorgeous, handmade rag-rug. Pinterest, Youtube and spraypaint are your friends.


Fake it

Adding dimension to a room creates the illusion of luxury without its price tag. Crown molding can transform a room for minimal expense and effort, and always adds a touch of class. Ornamental screens are a great way of freshening up a space, as are large indoor plants. A  bowl of freshly pruned roses adds refinement to any space, and white, if a little ubiquitous, is the default colour of good taste.


Warm up your lighting

Creating a warm, inviting space without the advantage of an open fire couldn’t be cheaper. Swap harsh, overhead lighting for Moroccan lamps, paper lantern shades, candles, hurricane lanterns and ambient, softglow bulbs.


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  • Christopher James July 29, 2014 at 11:56 pm

    Yes. DIY is a really cost-effective technique. That’s why I love doing it.