Totally Money Carnival – Millionaire Teacher Edition

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Totally Money Carnival. There is approximately 100 posts in this edition.

As always, I am finishing this  up at around 12 am, and trying to think of something clever to use a theme.All I can think of right now is trying to find time to finish my book, Millionaire Teacher, by Andrew Hallam.  Its such a good book, really. Andrew was kind enough to send me his book and I have been trying to steal away minutes to finish reading it. I will be doing a review on it rather soon for the 6 people in the world who haven’t read it yet.


But first, lets do a bit of house keeping;

Totally Money Carnival is still looking for hosts, so if you are interested in hosting, see here, and if you want to be included in this carnival next week, please make sure to submit your article here.


Editor’s picks:

  • Kay Lynn presents FREE Personal Finance Assistant Tools posted at Bucksome Boomer. ( I love personal finance tools and things that are free so this is a win-win for me)
  • LaTisha presents How to Save in Your New Home posted at Financial Success for Young Adults.
  • Beating Broke presents The Struggle with Enough posted at Beating Broke.
  • Daisy presents Ridiculous Things I Do to Save or Make Money posted at Add Vodka.
  • Kyle presents How to Save 10 Percent on Your Grocery Bill Without Cutting a Single Coupon posted at The Penny Hoarder.
  • Sustainable PF presents Building Your Home Food Storage posted at Sustainable Personal Finance.



  • Dividend Growth Investor presents The Lost Decade: Opportunity of a Lifetime for Dividend Investors posted at Dividend Growth Investor.
  • Ken Faulkenberry presents What is Operating Cash Flow? posted at AAAMP Blog.
  • Jim Yih presents Joint ownership of bank accounts and investment accounts posted at Retire Happy Blog.
  • Anisha Sekar presents American Express Prepaid Will Now Take Direct Deposit, Actually Be Useful posted at NerdWallet.
  • Tushar presents What Does Investing in Kids Really Mean? posted at Start Investing Money.
  • Paul presents What Goes Up, Must Come Down posted at Make Money Make Cents.
  • FMF presents Becoming Wealthy May Be Simple, But It’s Not Easy posted at Free Money Finance.
  • Don presents Buy and Hold: The Path to Wealth posted at MoneySmartGuides.


  • Roshawn Watson presents 4 Ways To Reshape Your Views Regarding Money.
  • Donna Freedman presents Frugal-hacking my way through a month without pay. posted at Surviving and Thriving.

Real estate:

  • YFS presents 30 Tips For First Time Home Buyers posted at Your Finances Simplified.
  • Jeremy Waller presents Infographic: How Much Do People Spend On Coffee, Lunch and Gas for Work? posted at Personal Finance Whiz.
  • Aloysa presents Healthcare: Two Sides of One Story posted at My Broken Coin.
  • Suba presents Our House On The Market: Month One posted at Broke Professionals.
  • A Blinkin presents Should Homeownership Still Be The American Dream? posted at Funancials.
  • Kevin Mercadante presents Why You Should List Your Home with a Real Estate Agency posted at Personal Dividends.
  • FamilyMoneyValues presents Real Estate Business Opportunities posted at Family Money Values.

Money Management:

  • John presents Wage Slavery and Money Myths posted at Married with Debt
  • Everything Finance presents 7 Fun Ways to Teach Children to Save posted at Everything Finance.
  • MMD presents Why I Finally Sold My Apple Stock posted at MyMoneyDesign.
  • Jeffrey presents The Hidden Cost of Grown Up Toys posted at Saving Advice.
  • Mike presents Money Management Tips for Small Business Owners posted at Stupid Cents.
  • Khaleef Crumbley presents Roth Vs Traditional IRA: Which One Is Best For You? posted at Faithful With A Few.
  • Khaleef Crumbley presents Why A Roth IRA Is Better For Us Than A Traditional posted at Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet.
  • Janet presents Watch Out for These Top 12 Canadian Scams posted at Credit, Eh.


  • Nelson Smith presents 6 Ways To Save Thousands On Your Next Mortgage posted at Canadian Finance Blog.
  • John presents How to Accelerate Debt Repayment posted at Passive Family Income.
  • Bob presents 401k Hardship Distributions: What you need to know posted at ChristianPF.


  • Victoria Lindsay presents Financial Death by 1,000 Cuts posted at Lend Not Borrow.
  • PK presents Who Gambles in Canada? Gambling Stats By Income! posted at Don’t Quit Your Day Job…
  • Madison presents How I Earned $1175 Chase Cash Back Last Month Read more: posted at My Dollar Plan.
  • Teacher Man presents Why Credit Cards Are Dangerous For Students posted at My University Money.


  • Jason presents 6 Things You Must Discuss Before You Get Married posted at Work Save Live.
  • Ashley presents Saving For College; How to do it and why you shouldn’t feel guilty for not posted at Money Talks Coaching.
  • Kevin presents My Plan to Not Go Totally Bust in 2012 posted at Invest It Wisely.
  • MR presents Can A Side Blogging Business Help You At Your Primary Job posted at Money Reasons.
  • Jon the Saver presents What Should You Do With Your First Pay Check in College? posted at Free Money Wisdom.
  • Wayne presents How Much to Save for College posted at Young Family Finance.
  • Daniel presents Salary vs Commission: Which Do You Prefer? posted at Sweating the Big Stuff.
  • Jefferson presents New Job? How to be an Office Rock Star From Day One posted at See Debt Run.
  • Jeremy presents Starting A Side Business posted at Modest Money.
  • Linsey presents How Do I Work from Home with No Skills? posted at 1099 Mom.
  • Kathryn @ Financial Highway presents Interview Questions posted at Financial Highway.
  • Roger the Amateur Financier presents My Future Work, and My Future Worries posted at The Amateur Financier.
  • Melissa presents Recovering from a Bad Job Interview posted at Fiscal Phoenix.


  • Steve presents 10 Things You Can Do to Get Out of Debt Starting Today posted at Money Infant.
  • Eric J. Nisall presents Financing Options For Small Businesses With Bad Credit posted at DollarVersity.
  • Mike presents US Airways Dividend Miles Program posted at Rewards Cards USA.
  • Echo presents Aeroplan Rewards: What Is The Best Value For Your Miles? posted at Boomer & Echo.
  • Mike presents Capital One Aspire Cash World MasterCard Review posted at Rewards Cards Canada.
  • Philip Taylor presents 20 Unique Business Ideas That You Can Start Today posted at PT Money Personal Finance.
  • Hank presents Obtaining A Merchant Account For Your Online Store posted at Money Q&A.


  • Krantcents presents The 3 K’s of Success posted at KrantCents.
  • Danny presents The New Face of Homelessness posted at One Money Design.
  • John presents Anyone Have a Clue When it Comes to Blue Insurance? posted at Wallet Blog.
  • 101 Centavos presents Random Links and Notes – May 18, 2012 – Plumber Butt, Qihoo 360 and Passive Income Lies posted at 101 Centavos.
  • FG presents Why Are the Students in Quebec Protesting? posted at Financial God.
  • Jen presents Make Money While Drinking Beer? posted at Master the Art of Saving.
  • KT presents Quick Meals for Week Nights posted at Personal Finance Journey.
  • Eddie presents How Do We Measure Success? posted at Finance Fox
  • Jester presents Three Tips to Increase Efficiency posted at The Ultimate Juggle.
  • Crystal presents Yes, I am a Hunger Games Fan posted at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.
  • Dividend Ninja presents Recent Buy: Husky Energy HSE posted at The Dividend Ninja.
  • SFB presents Sorry, Dave Ramsey: I Still Use Credit Cards posted at Simple Finance Blog.
  • Karl presents Can snowboarding help you master your money? posted at CultOfMoney.
  • SB presents What is Forex Trading, Can you Profit From it? posted at One Cent at a Time.
  • Kevin presents Would You Destroy An Entire Industry? posted at Thousandaire.
  • Corey presents 7 Smart Tips For Teaching Your Kids About Money posted at Steadfast Finances.
  • Jeffrey presents Can We Stop Gushing Over Our Self-Affirming Financial Bullshit? posted at Money Spruce.
  • Shaun presents What to Do If You are in a Car Accident posted at Smart Family Finance.


  • Glen presents Opening a Roth IRA for a Child – Help Your Child Get Ahead in Retirement posted at Parenting Family Money .
  • Little House presents Budgeting and Saving Rules of Thumb posted at Little House in the Valley.
  • Amanda L Grossman presents Consumers are Sale-Desensitized, and for Good Reason posted at Frugal Confessions.
  • Paul presents Saving Money for a Home Down Payment posted at The Frugal Toad.



  • Glen Craig presents How the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 Can Help You Save with Your Business posted at Free From Broke .
  • Sean Bryant presents $4.00 Gas Prices Will Bring New Recession posted at One Smart Dollar.
  • Tim presents The Hunger Games: A Lesson in Game Theory posted at Faith and Finance.



  • Sandy presents Nine Tax Deductions That Prostitutes Can Claim posted at Yes, I Am Cheap.


  • Mr. Money presents Why the Savvy Shoppers Are All Online posted at Smart on Money.
  • Steve Zussino presents Where to find the cheapest drug dispensing fees in Canada? posted at Grocery Alerts.
  • Steven Zussino presents Are Financial Advisors and Financial Analysts the Same or Different? posted at Canadian Personal Finance.
  • David Leonhardt presents Searching High and Low for a Deal posted at Self-help Happiness Blog.
  • Lazy Man presents Visiting New Orleans on a Budget posted at Lazy Man and Money.
  • Miss T. presents The High Cost of Speeding posted at Prairie Eco Thrifter.
  • Matt presents Intro to Couponing. . .Get More for Less posted at Living in Financial Excellence.

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