Time to Prepare Your Winter Chic for the Chilly Season

October 22, 2015

Strike a pose in your winter woollies, because it’s time to turn your passion for fashion to the cold snap. Indeed, winter is coming. But unlike Jon Snow, you’ve not got a direwolf pelt and iron armour to keep the chills of the season at bay.

What you have got is a wealth of fashion choices plucked directly from the internet.

Indeed, you might think it’s difficult to stay warm AND look like you’ve got Karl Lagerfeld as a personal shopper. But a few purchases from the right stores can ensure that you’re at the height of fashion while still keeping cosy.

Moreover, you don’t have to shell out hundreds of quid for the best brands and high-quality goods – at least not with our mini-fashion guide!

So take a look at our tips for the winter and stay toasty!

Walking in a knitwear wonderland

Your librarian’s cardigans and itchy knitted skirts can head straight for the wastebasket – we’ve found a clothing brand with some of the best women’s knitwear on the market.

While some knitwear can look frumpy, lumpy and about as appealing as a cat’s fur ball, the latest selection from Very strikes us as one of the most varied and stylish you’ll find online.

Patchwork jumpers can give you that Clueless, upmarket chic you’ve always wanted, while their blanket capes can keep you cosy without the need for a heavy coat. Their range can even help you out at glitzy dinner parties, with a funnel neck ottoman dress and others giving you the ultimate in warm glamour.

What’s more, the vast majority of their products come in at under £100, so you don’t have to suffer the pangs of an empty winter purse. It’s a store that comes highly recommended from us.

The season of DIY

Unless you’re a master designer, it’s unlikely that your attempts at creating a light and airy summer dress will bear much fruit. But when winter comes around, why not experiment with a little bit of DIY knitwear to add a bespoke charm to your outfit?

This doesn’t have to be anything fancy – a scarf with a fancy pattern or some finely crafted gloves can give you some pizzazz and the personal satisfaction of creating something yourself.

A number of craft websites can provide you with advice to get your creative juices flowing, but our favourite is Craft Gossip. Take a look at their site for some inspiration.

Oversize for the prize

Like 90s dungarees and the current grunge craze, oversized clothing is heading straight back into fashion – and it’s a perfect look for the chilly season.

There’s no specific recommendation for a range that accommodates this. But our friendly word of warning is this – choose the wrong baggy clothing and you’ll suffer the . Make sure your oversized clothing is at the height of fashion.