Time is running out! Prep your Xmas outfit now!

November 24, 2015

You’re running out of time! You’re counting down the days and pulling out your hair and watching your blood pressure rise in line with your panicked face. Your predicament? You’ve only got a few weeks to choose you Christmas outfit for the work’s night out.

Don't know what to wear this holiday season? Here are 3 easy and simple ways to dress up your holiday wardrobe and look glamourous!

It might seem like a trivial panic, but these are important issues. This could be the only time your colleagues see you in your glad rags for the entire year. But you’ve been working too hard – you don’t have time to find the latest trends.

Fear not – we’ve tracked down a number of fashion must-haves for the festive season that’ll make you the most stylish person at the office night out. Take a look at what we’d recommend and enjoy your festive fashion treats.

Everything for the party

Christmas partywear is the kind of thing you want to buy from one location. And although you’d prefer it to be stylish, you also don’t want to break the bank. After all, a Christmas party outfit will generally only be worn once.

So we’ve trawled through a load of fashion sites to see which ones will give you the best all round festive outfit, and our fave is plus-sized clothing providers Lavitta. Catering for sizes 12-24, these guys have a range dedicated to the festive season.

Their range isn’t only stylish, but warm too. So you won’t have to worry about those sub-zero temperatures when you’re trekking to your work’s night out in your high heels.

Gatsby cuffs

You want to stay warm, but mittens are hardly the height of fashion. What you want is a dose of glamour that’ll make you look like a flapper girl from the era of The Great Gatsby. The roaring 20s has been at the height of fashion for years and is showing no signs of abating, so why not pick up a faux fur cuff to hide your hands.

Essentially a large ball of fluff, cuffs have been the “in” thing for a while, and they’re available for a song from the right shops.

Do it yourself

In the summertime, creating your own summer dress feels like a mission impossible. But in the winter the rules change. Suddenly knitting your own scarf or a stylish pair of gloves can be the perfect ticket to a cool and kitsch outfit.

The ragged charm of woollen material means that you don’t have to be a perfect knitter to make a piece of high-fashion. Even something as small as a brooch can be an ideal way to enjoy a uniquely made item.

We’d recommend Deramores for all your knitting pattern needs. They’ve got a great selection, so take a look at what they offer.

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