The Perfect Time to Start Christmas Shopping

Yes, you read that right. I’m talking about Christmas shopping already. Please don’t have me. I wrote a post last year about how I owned my Christmas Shopping, and was done around this time. While I’m not completely done this year yet,  I’m confident that I will have my list completed by mid September.

Part of the reason why I am as efficient as I am is because I like to plan in advance. I make a list at the beginning of  year, and try to budget accordingly. Here are some gift ideas if you’re eager to get started but don’t have any ideas on what to get:

Experiences: This could be anything from a pottery class to a week long vacation. The key here is finding something that your intended gift receiver would love or as expressed an interest in, and build an experience around it. We get a ton of stuff for the holidays, and more often than not, forget the we even have them, but experiences stay with us for a life time. I remember getting a photography class for a birthday and I was over the moon.

Things with a Direct Impact: What I mean by this isn’t that you go and get a household appliance, but more so something that has a place in their live and makes it easier. Ie, they have a broken computer or their hard drive  is always over following etc. Getting something that is personal, and just for them;  the key being that it makes their life easier.

Wine: You don’t have to spend $100 on a bottle of wine. Especially if they are a social drinker. There are tons of wines that won’t break the bank. The good thing about wine is that it won’t spoil and they can share it if they want to. Word to the wise: ask if you need help picking out a few good ones, and try to stay away for the $10 ones.

Don’t be scared if you haven’t started shopping yet as you have tons of time. But it’s time to start paying attention and making a list. Oh, and don’t forget to budget!


Have you started shopping yet? 



  1. says

    You, my friend, are a serious overachiever! That’s awesome that you do your shopping so early.

    I totally agree with your list. I think the best gifts are consumable — either experiences or food/drink. I also like “boring gifts” of household items or even cleaning supplies. Adulthood is weird…

  2. says

    I also haven’t started on my Christmas shopping yet! Totally love the gift ideas though, I think this year I should focus on giving experiences…the memories tend to last for a very, very long time :)

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    I usually start browsing in October for Christmas gifts. It does save time, stress, and money since you’re planning and budgeting for it. But I always have one gift that I end up buying at the last minute. I need to be more organized like you.

  4. L says

    It’s nice to hear about another early bird! My family starts moaning around this time of year because I ask for their Christmas lists and head out. I like to be done by mid-October. It’s cheaper, and less crowded than going in November or December.

    I’m not so awesomely organized as you with getting the lists at the beginning of the year though! 😀

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    I don’t start shopping yet simply because most of the people I buy for would usually provide a list and that doesn’t happen yet, so anything I bought would likely face a high risk of being returned. But, I have started saving. We set aside money every month for Christmas shopping.

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    We pull names out of a hat with my immediate family so I buy one present and my hubby and I don’t exchange gifts. This year I will buy some stocks for my niece and nephew but that about it. I never Christmas shop.

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    I love that you posted this Marissa. I always start my Christmas shopping this time of the year because it helps me budget and everything is on sale right now. My family thinks I’m crazy, but I just think I’m organized. I leave my stocking stuffers until December because I do like to get into the Christmas spirit with a Starbucks Latte in hand.

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