The Carnival of Financial Camaraderie- Rain Man Edition

Welcome to this week’s carnival. I picked Rainman, mostly because I am watching the movie as I put this post together.

Ps. Does anyone remember this song?




Set Up Automatic Saving For Success posted at Novel Investor.  It is an automatic saving plan will successfully end all the worry and procrastination we have with our finances and force habit change. Let’s work smarter and start automating our savings.

Canadians are also not fortunate enough to get coupons on fruits, veggies or meat. All of the coupons are on non-perishable items. Most of our money goes on fruits, veggies and meat, and every now and then you’ll get some coupons on dairy items.Eddie presents Canadian Extreme Couponing, Is There Such A Thing? posted at Finance Fox.

Steve presents Saving Money and Time Through Automation posted at Money Infant. Automation is one of the keys to unlocking your financial freedom. Chances are you already automate some of your savings plans like 401k and emergency savings



Jen presents The Downside of Using Credit Cards Responsibly posted at Master the Art of Saving.In the personal finance blogosphere, youll find many mixed views regarding the usage of credit cards. Some will say theyre evil and you shouldnt ever use them, others will say go ahead and use them as long as youre responsible. On top of those, youll find those who suggest only using them for emergencies. Here’s my take on using Credit Cards Responsibly!

Aloysa presents How Realism and Creativity Can Help You Get Out of Debt posted at My Broken Coin saying “sometimes I get frustrated with my life and myself because it seems that paying off debt is an endless process, a perpetual torture of saying no, a continuous refusal to spend on something that makes me happy”.

There are plenty of reason why you should consolidate your student loans: lower interest rates and lower monthly payments. There are some very good reasons why you shouldn’t consolidate student loans, read more to find out why. Shaun presents Why You Shouldn’t Consolidate Your Student Loans posted at Smart Family Finance

Jeremy Waller presents A Financed Lifestyle is No Lifestyle At All posted at Personal Finance Whiz saying “I was looking at my credit card today the one with the nearly $18,000 balance when it hit me. I finally saw my credit card as something other than just a method of payment. My credit card has been my chief enabler, lifestyle financier and knew things need to change”.

Jason presents Back to Cash posted at Live Real, Now, saying “if it weren’t for my side hustles, we’d have been growing our debt recently. As of the beginning of this month, our credit card has once again been relegated to automatic bills, the gas station and online purchases”.

Mike presents BMO World Elite MasterCard Review posted at Rewards Cards Canada.
The BMO World Elite MasterCard gives you the highest travel redemption rate in the industry, and new cardholders receive a welcome bonus of 15,000 Elite Rewards points.

Mike presents Credit Card Rewards For Students posted at Rewards Cards USA.If you are student unable to qualify for a “regular” rewards credit card, a student rewards card can be a reasonable alternative.

D.J. presents Steps to Take If You Have Bad Credit posted at The Family Wallet. saying “your first reaction after learning about your credit rating may be to become stressed out or even dismayed over your financial situation. However, keep in mind that this is a temporary situation, and there are things you can do to turn your situation around”.

Rain Man



Ken Faulkenberry presents Making Probability Theory Practical for Investment posted at AAAMP Blog, saying anyone who tells you they know what the stock market will do in the short term is either a fool or a liar. Understanding investment probability theory will help investors avoid short term prognosticators and concentrate on a long term investment plan.

Philip Taylor presents How to Start a Web Design Business Installing WordPress Websites posted at PT Money Personal Finance, discussing how he used designing WordPress websites to make some extra money when he moved into full-time blogging. Post includes getting started, finding clients, and other tips.

Dan presents Epic Rally Ensues as Europe Burns. Haven’t We Learned Yet? posted at ETF Base, saying “people pay too much attention to the headlines. If Greece and the PIIGS scared you out of the market, you’re missing an epic rally. Lessons Learned?”

When you first start investing, you may be scared that you will lose money. Putting your money at risk is never easy especially when you have fear that you will lose that money. Well, there are a few ways to reduce or minimize the risk of losing money. Melissa presents Diversification to Reduce Risk posted at Fiscal Phoenix.

Through the ages, a lot of wisdom has been passed down generation to generation by story telling. Humans have gone from sitting around the campfire listening to the tribal elder relay fables to watching movies. We learn lessons every day from watching movies.Here are some lessons I believe we can learn from Secretariat. Marie at FamilyMoneyValues presents Financial Lessons from the Movies – Secretariat posted at Family Money Values.

Investor Junkie presents You’re a Patsy If You Buy Facebook’s IPO posted at Investor Junkie starting that Facebook recently announced they are going public. Mark Zuckerberg plans on making approximately $40 Billion from the IPO. While I do think Facebook is a great company and amazing success story, you have to be a patsy to invest in them.

Andy presents The 6 Most Reliable Ways to Save For Retirement posted at My Retirement Blog. Many Americans are planning for retirement earlier than ever. While the reality is that tough economic conditions may force them to retire years later than they wanted, this is having the dual affect of encouraging more foresight and planning.

PITR presents Why Cash Flow is Important posted at Passive Income To Retire.Find out why cash flow is important in an early retirement plan. The importance of cash flow rests the 2 ways it helps me fulfill my dream.

Daniel presents Lending Club Returns at 15.87in Fbruary 2012 posted at Sweating the Big Stuff saying “I started investing in Lending Club in 2011, and so far my returns have been stellar. Using some smart criteria, I’ve been able to crush the average”.

Ryan presents Why Your Children Should Open a Roth IRA at Age 18 posted at Early Retirement Investments.



Many of the activities required to become a self-made multimillionaire involve forsaking conventional wisdom and overcoming adversity. One must have resolve and courage to do so. Let’s explore three ways courage can be instrumental in building wealth. Roshawn Watson presents Do You Have The Courage To Be Wealthy? posted at Watson Inc.

For young people with whom eating out is a way of life, it is easy to lose control of your budget without knowing it. Try giving yourself a weekly allowance in cash to help you bring it back under control. Check out One Simple Way to Rein In Your Dining Spending posted at Everyday Money Info.

Given the different way people manage, or don’t manage, their finances, what one tip would I give anyone? Choose a budgeting method and don’t give up.Sabrina presents The Number One Tip for Budgeting Success posted at Frugal Living.

Beating Broke presents Creating a Simple Budget the Beating Broke Way posted at Beating Broke, saying “here’s how we have the budget set up at the Beating Broke household”.


Sometimes using your social network to find work can backfire on you. Additionally, helping members of your social network to find a job can also be a real problem, resulting in reputation damage. Sustainable PF presents Be Careful When Using Your Social Network as Part of Your Career posted at Sustainable Personal Finance.

Most landlords look for employment records and need income statements etc. So what do you do if you work for yourself and need to move and find a place on your own? Everything Finance presents Freelancers: How to Rent Apartment When You Are Self-Employed posted at Everything Finance.

Dividend Ninja presents It’s Only Castles Burning posted at The Dividend Ninja. Investor Seth Klarman, founder of the hedge fund Baupost Group, wrote a book on value investing, called Margin of Safety: Risk-Averse Value Investing Strategies for the Thoughtful Investor. Read an update on Klarman’s activities.

Kevin presents How I Quit My Job and What I Plan to Do Next posted at Invest It Wisely.


Wayne presents How to Have a Cheap Vacation posted at Young Family Finance. Find out how to have a cheap vacation. The poor economy shouldn’t ruin your right to get away.

Remember years ago, when you could walk into a bank or a bar and they would greet you by name? If you visited an establishment enough, you would be known as a regular. This is not a desired outcome and here is why. A Blinkin presents Loyalty is for Losers posted at Funancials.

Around the corner is a marketing explosion that will allow us to shop while visiting our favorite social media site. It’s going to happen. Is it a good idea? Dr Dean presents Giving Credit Card Info to Social Media: Come On! posted at The Millionaire Nurse Blog

101 Centavos presents Travel Like a Boy Scout posted at 101 Centavos, and by that, we don’t mean humping it with a sleeping bag, pack frame and tent, and hot dogs over a campfire. Merely to be prepared, as best as you can…

Suba presents The Definition of Broke: What Does It Mean? posted at Broke Professionals

There are tons of insurance you do not need. Whether it is flight insurance, cancer insurance, or others, do not buy extra insurance that you do not need.Hank presents Five Insurance Policies That You Do Not Need posted at Money Q&A.

Jester presents How to Accept Advice from Others posted at The Ultimate Juggle, asking who do you ask for financial advice. Find out who you should be asking for financial advice and learn how to accept it gracefully.

Kyle presents Make Money Playing in Scrabble Tournaments posted at The Penny Hoarder. If you’ve got a knack for the game, we’ve got a few tips on how to make some extra money playing the game professionally…

MR presents Do You Look Poorer Than You Are? posted at Money Reasons asking, “do You Look Poorer Than You Are? Apparently, I do! A lady at work thought I was much poorer than I really was,..”

Negotiation can be a powerful tool to save you money, yet many people never negotiate because they think it is in poor taste or they are afraid their attempt at negotiation will be denied. In my experience, more than half of the time you try to negotitate, you will be successful.KT presents Improve Negotiation by Being Willing to Walk Away posted at Personal Finance Journey.

ohn presents The Best Travel Tip I Ever Learned posted at Married with Debt.Don’t be scared of the words fine dining. Going to a chain restaurant, or a non-fine dining restaurant doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be saving money.

SB presents The Pro’s and Con’s of Preparing Your Own Taxes posted at One Cent at a Time.The author explains pros and cons of preparing your own tax return. The things to consider before think of doing it alone. Read for details.

Financial Advice:

Miss T. presents Staying Positive in a Bad Situation posted at Prairie Eco Thrifter.If you are experiencing hard times, you are not alone. People all across the United States are struggling financially. The current economic situation has created financial struggles for many people and for some the outlook is bleak. When you are in that place of stress, fear, and worry it is hard to stay positive or see any reason to be happy. But finding a way to be happy is the most important thing that you can do.

Krantcents presents Invest Your Tax Refund or Send It to Me! posted at KrantCents. saying “Invest your tax refund or send it to me! It is all about choices. What are you going to do? I know some will pay down debt, add to savings or fund an IRA. If you are going to go out and spend it on dinner, clothes, electronic toys or something that will break, wear down, etc they you’re better off sending it to me!”.

Darwin presents Insane Success Stories That Drive Me Crazy…But Shouldn’t posted at Darwin’s Money, discussing how each time you hear an incredible success story and think “that could be me!”…consider how Survivorship Bias is influencing you.

Echo presents First Time Home Buyer: HBP Or TFSA? posted at Boomer & Echo.This post explains the benefits of a first time home buyer using the Home Buyers Plan (HBP) or TFSA for a down payment.

If you own MLPs, it can be quite a pain to manually enter those pesky K-1s. But if you do your taxes in TurboTax, there is a way to automate most of it! Money Cone presents How to View Your Schedue K-1s Online and Import Them Into Turbo Tax posted at Money Cone.

Graduating college is an exciting time in your life. You are finally on your own and facing many important decisions such as what career path to choose or where to relocate. Decisions made now can have a big impact on your potential income and living expenses. If I could offer one piece of personal finance advice to a new college graduate it would be to start saving money as soon as possible. Here are several other tips to get you on the road to financial success.Paul Vachon presents Personal Finance for College Graduates posted at The Frugal Toad.

Ashley presents Battling Your Savings Fears posted at Money Talks Coaching. Fears regarding savings fall into three main categories. Saving for emergencies, saving for college, and saving for retirement. Dealing with savings fears is much like dealing with debt fears. You need a plan and then a way to track that plan.

Jeffrey presents How to Afford Expensive Things posted at Saving Advice. There are no magic bullets, shortcuts, or secrets to affording big ticket items. If you want something that is beyond your current means, there are sensible and stupid ways to go about getting that item. Too many people opt for the stupid ways, to the detriment of their finances.

Evan presents How Much Is Your Security Worth? posted at Smart Wealth.The cost is high for a home security system; the monthly fees will never end as long as you have the system but is peace of mind worth the price to you?


Glen Craig presents How to Deduct Your Moving Expenses posted at Free From Broke .See how to deduct your moving expenses from your taxes. Keep in mind that the move has to involve your employment or, in some cases, the military.

Justin presents Want to Invest in a New Startup Company? Think Medical Software posted at Budget Snob, stating that the software industry has been recently ranked as one of the best places to start a new business in. With that in mind, knowing that paper records are still the most common way of storing information is crucial to your investment acumen and here’s why; more and more medical records are being mandated to switch to electronic filing.

Jeffrey presents Wealthy, Successful Bloggers: Don’t Simply Follow Their Frugal Advice posted at Money Spruce, saying “I often wonder if I’m brainwashing myself with the stuff I just want to hear. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs, books, and other advice about self-employment and starting your own business. I’ve mostly convinced myself that working a 9-5 job isn’t the key to happiness and success in my life”.

Corey presents Saving Money on Car Insurance posted at Steadfast Finances. Read ways to save money on Car Insurance.




Kay Lynn presents Save Money by Living a Simpler Life posted at Bucksome Boomer.Doesn’t it just make sense to live simpler? The fewer things you own, the fewer maintenance costs you will have, and the more you will save in the long-run! Live a simpler life, and you will start seeing your bank account grow beyond your wildest dreams!

Amanda presents The Ins and Outs of Social Buying Websites posted at My Dollar Plan, saying, “social buying sites are no longer a new experiment for frugal people. I’ve learned many things about social buying websites that I’d like to share with you to help you with your own purchases”.

Young presents Tips for Living in an Expensive City posted at Young and Thrifty. stating “the cost of living is ridiculously high and it can be very expensive to live, work, and play. Other cities can be notoriously expensive to live in, namely Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, Toronto, Montreal, Singapore, Tokyo… the list goes on. So here are some ways I thought of to save money while living life up in an expensive city”.

Jeremy Biberdorf presents Buy An eReader & Save Money On Books posted at Modest Money stating that for some people, books can be a major expense. At $10-20 each, the price can really add up a lot if you read much. Many people are discovering the convenient way to save money on books, buying an eReader. Learn more about why you should consider buying an eReader and find out which model may be best for your needs.

There is only one true secret to saving money that can be applied to almost any purchase you will ever make in your life, and that is stacking. What exactly is stacking? Well it is an art form really – something that you become really good at over time with lots of practice. SavingMentor presents The Biggest Secret There Is to Saving Money? Stacking posted at

Emily presents Frugal Tips That Go Too Far posted at Evolving Personal FinanceShe lists 10 frugal tips that made me think “No way!” when she read them and why we would never try them. She then list 10 tips that we actually use and a few we would consider.



Amanda L Grossman presents A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Timeshares Included in Social Buying Site Travel Deals posted at Frugal Confessions. It seems that Timeshare and Travel Deals can not be combined. Read about Amanda’s experience with them.

A college degree is still essential for staying competitive in the job market. Therefore, finding ways to reduce or eliminate college debt is essential for long-term financial success. Here are some ways that students entering college now (and their parents) can minimize their debt load over the next four years:How to Keep Your Student Loan Debt Low posted at Little House in the Valley.

Teacher Man presents Apple vs The Textbook Industry posted at My University Money. It was recently announced that Apple will soon be entering the textbook industry. The technology titan is apparently bored with dominating its current niches and sees a market that they believe they can make a solid profit in. I think this is a fantastic thing for students and textbook costs.

Kelli presents What is income based repayment of student loans? posted at ReadyForZero Blog.This article goes into detail about the Income Based Repayment program that Pres. Obama has introduced to help students pay off their student loans acc to what they earn and how to tell if you qualify etc.


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