So you want to be an Entrepreneur?

I may or may not have gotten a bit bored at the airport and decided to make an image post. Yeah, thats what happens when I get enough sleep.┬áP.s Don’t judge the lack of graphics. I have limited skills in PhotoShop.

This description is, however, very close to what every entrepreneur faces when they have an idea that just won’t leave them alone. An incredible amount of time is poured into developing the idea. Every spare dollar is used in making the dream come to life without promise or guarantee.


Why will we do for ourselves what we would never do for another? Maybe because this is the heart and soul of entrepreneurialism. We may laugh at the classified ad above, but this is exactly what is required of each entrepreneur on the way to dream fulfillment.


If YOU think you have the right stuff maybe you should apply for the job. I hear there is an opening.


  1. says

    Well if you put it like that I’m not sure anybody would be up for the task.

    It’s so very true though. It takes a long time to build a successful busy and sometimes one that even generates a moderate profit.

    It takes a ton of planning, marketing, hard work, and dedication. I basically own my business (I don’t own it but I operate as 100% commission) and everything you stated is COMPLETELY true.

  2. says

    Agree with Jason! I’d never apply for something like this. But if there were no entrepreneurs, there’d be no safe positions for people who weren’t willing to take the initial risks.

    • Marissa says

      Thats a great point. I do however think that most people don’t go into it with their eyes firmly open.

  3. says

    Starting a running one’s own business is very hard work! Though the rewards can be great and not just monetary, entrepreneurship isn’t for everybody, or even most. It’s risky too! But where would be without entrepreneurs? They reinvent the economy every generation or so, and provide employment for millions.

  4. says

    And the candidate should be willing to work long hours without pay for a long time. I’ve been through this, so I really liked the way your framed the mind-set of an entrepreneur.

  5. says

    Most entrepreneurs feel a strong sense of accomplishment by facing then overcoming what may sometimes feel like insurmountable odds.

    When you think about it, entrepreneurship is really the inverse of a regular 9-to-5 job –does that even exist anymore? There’s zero structure, nothing is defined for you; the safety and security of a regular paycheck, benefits, and paid vacation time is non-existent.

    In fact these attributes alone are enough to attract people into the entrepreneurship world. But exactly what percentage of start-ups fail again?

  6. says

    That description doesn’t make being an entrepreneur sound very enticing. I like working for myself though and don’t want to go back to a job. I’m having a difficult time recovering from Google seriously cutting my income but I believe I can get back to where I was if I do the necessary work.

  7. says

    Wow, this is awesome. It is crazy why anyone would sign up for this on their own when they would never do it for someone else. Like you said, I think it’s dream fulfillment. Pretty awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Early Years says

    I want to be an entrepreneur but i don’t know what i should major in my undergraduate. Should i major in entrepreneurship, or wait and get my masters in entrepreneurship and major in something that will help me later along the line like finance or marketing.

  9. says

    As a freelancer, who was pretty much forced into it, it’s harder than people realize. This whole “not working for the man” thing is overrated, however, if you have a dream, it’s hard not to want to pursue it since you don’t want to live with regrets.

  10. Lauren Pierre says

    I started my own business and took the plunge all the way (even quit my 9-5 gig). Unfortunately I am one of those percentage who’s business failed w/n a year. On top of that, I got into huge debit just trying to stay afloat while not earning a regular paycheck and using what I had left on my business in hopes to make it profitable.

    It’s definitely has been a long road for me, it truly hasn’t been easy. Still learning what to do next and how to overcome the mental aspect of “failing”. And deciding what my next stage in life is.

    Being an entrepreneur vs. working for the man will be the ultimate debate of a lifetime.

    Kudos to all the successful entrepreneurs out there!

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