Skip the Stores This Holiday Shopping Season

November 12, 2013

If you have been considering ways to finish your holiday shopping on a limited budget, online shopping might be just the thing you need. Many retailers offer savings online that are not available in stores, if you know how to look and where to find them. These are a few helpful hints for different types of online stores that can save you lots of money and help you finish all your holiday shopping from the comfort of your own home.

Shopping for Clothes

There are likely members of your friends and family who want clothes or accessories for their holiday gifts. You can find these things just as easily online as you can in the stores. There are even perks in that ordering online allows you to find colors and sizes that may have sold out in stores. If there are any items of clothing on your holiday shopping list, start here. Clothing retailers are known for offering promotion codes and online coupons that can save you up to 40 percent or even 50 percent off the retail price of the things you plan to order. Many sites regularly offer as much as 25 percent or 30 percent off full priced apparel and accessories, so this can make a huge different in your holiday shopping budget. Before you purchase an item in store, check that store’s online site to see if there are any available promo codes that will give you a great discount.

Bigger Stores

While shopping clothing retailers’ online sites is fairly straightforward, shopping at bigger stores can be a little more difficult to navigate. The discounts aren’t always as big storewide, though you can still sometimes find great online promotions, such as a   Target 10% off coupon that could save you money on your entire purchase. In this case, make sure that you order all the items you are going to from this store in the same order, so that you get the 10 percent discount on everything and save more money. Another way to save with bigger retailers is to look for specific deals on types of items. A store might have an online sale on electronics one day and then another sale on home goods the next day. Stay up to date and check the sites frequently to get the best deals. Remember that Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, is a huge day for online savings, and large stores usually offer great online deals on this day, some of which are just as big as the deals they offer in store on Black Friday.

Shopping online for the holidays is a great way to save money. While there are some differences between shopping clothing retailers and shopping larger department stores online, both can offer big discounts and great savings that you cannot always access in the stores themselves. Remember to think about shipping costs and, whenever possible, access free shipping offers to save even more. Also make sure you are aware of online retailers’ return policies, so that if you give someone a holiday gift that needs to be exchanged, the process will be easy for the recipient of your gift.