Questions that structured settlement buyers must be able to answer convincingly

June 6, 2014

A structured settlement is a compensation given to an individual who has won a law suit or an individual who has been an accident or injured. The compensation sum is usually given in the form of monthly payouts. This monthly payout amount will sum up in the end as an amount that is more than the said compensation price. Hence, this is the most accepted form of compensation in a structured settlement. If you are willing to take the full compensation amount in one lump attempt, then you will still be getting your compensation sum in perfect numbers. But why waste the extra amount when it comes as a rewarding monthly payout sum?

Why take the rewarding step?

Unless you really want the money for constructive purposes, it is not advisable to take the money fully. Purposes like medical bills or school fees cannot be avoided and in such cases you can take the money wholly. If you are planning on buying a house or making any other huge investment, then this money can be very useful to you. Selling a structured settlement usually happens in front of a judge who will weigh your reasons for selling structured settlement.. The judge would order for compensation only if he finds your reasons convincing. So unless you really have a strong necessity for the money, don’t go for it.

Approach the experts

Before you sell your structured settlement, talk to a legal attorney or a firm that has expertise in this area. You may want to get the most of your compensation and give your best shot in convincing the judge, for which a legal advisor can help you do the right things. The steps taken to sell a structured settlement are many and it will take anywhere between 30 days to 45 days to receive your compensation money. Finding a good structured settlements buying company is very important.

Contact two or more buyers and find out what your settlement is worth for. Do a little bit of research into the details. You will eventually find the most profitable buyer.

The payout promise

After you figure out the right buyer for you, talk to them about your settlement details. Depending on the type of your settlement, the buyer will negotiate a deal, which is profitable for you. The profit that you get out of your settlement depends on various factors ranging from the number of years that you have, left in compensation to the current economic conditions that determine the value of money. Interest rates play an important role in the compensation profit. Choose a company that is well reputed in buying structured settlements.

You can always research over the internet and find the perfect company for whom you can sell your settlements. You may be surprised of how many companies you can find in the internet, all of them promising you the best of deals. Hence, finding a profitable company is not that hard.

You can talk to your legal attorney, who will obviously have a lot of ideas on who is the best buyer and which buyer gives you the most profitable transaction.

Comparison of the companies

Compare what each company offers on the deal. Get it from the company itself, if possible. An official looking letter stating all the details and facts will do. Once you get letters like these from all the companies that you have zeroed on, you will know who your best choice is. A deal too good to be true is what you have to look for. Because that is exactly how it will be- highly profitable.

Talking to financial advisers will help. Discuss about your structured settlement and the number of days that you have received pay outs, if you have. The financial adviser may be able to give you some clue on the current economic status affecting your deal. This way, you will get an idea and an expert’s suggestion about when you can sell your settlements.

Apart from legal attorneys and financial advisers, talk to your friends and family to see what they think about the deal.

The extra packages

Check for what more the company can offer to you. Some companies usually offer the compensation amount in pay outs. When you want the sum on a whole, the payout technique might not work out for you. Find out how soon the money will be in your hands. The sooner you get, the better it is. Although it takes up to 45 days to sell the settlement legally, some companies might either be faster in the process or prolong it too long.

To see if a company fits in all of these factors, research is the best way. However, if you are in a hurry to sell the structured settlements, then you might have to go for it spontaneously.