Planning the ultimate party holiday

July 8, 2016

Now that we’re deep into the summer months, we can all look forward to taking a trip abroad to visit some great party hot-spots. Whether you’re into glamorous casino games, or are more keen on sipping a cocktail under a palm tree, there’s plenty out there to enjoy and so here are some of your best bets for partying fun this summer!


The Mediterranean really comes alive in summer with the decadent night-clubs of Ibiza and Ayia Napa being packed full of fun-loving tourists celebrating those endless summer nights. But for a taste of partying in style, the French Riviera is a good choice as it’s got something for everyone with luxurious enviroments, atmospheric beach towns and lovely sandy beaches to relax on the following morning – just be aware that many of the beaches require payment for use.

Night market in Nice, France. Thirty Six months



In particular, it’s the city of Nice that’s formed a legendary status amongst party lovers with its vibrant bar scene being packed full of evocative live music that’ll keep you dancing until the early hours. Whilst the nearby city-state of Monaco presents possibly the most opulent casino in the whole of Europe and gives you the chance to dress up in your most glamorous attire!

Of course, we have to mention the self-proclaimed party capital of the world, Las Vegas, that is definitely America’s most gaudy and captivating holiday destination. With an endless range of neon-lit casino hotel resorts, risqué cabaret entertainment, and some seriously cutting-edge dance clubs, it’s clear to see why Las Vegas never goes out of fashion.


Las Vegas Strip at Night


If you’re tempted to give those roulette wheels a spin in Vegas, then it can be a little overwhelming once you’re face to face with the dealer, but the casino games at the Betway site provide a place for old school gamers and casino enthusiasts to get a little practice before heading to the capital of gambling entertainment.


And if Las Vegas isn’t extreme enough for you, then heading out to Thailand is a failsafe way to guarantee good times as it has the perfect blend of lurid nightlife, tropical beaches and possibly the most beautiful food in the world!


Bangkok Party Scene


Most westerners seem to find themselves lost wandering around the infamous Walking Street in Pattaya that’s gained a not-entirely salubrious reputation for its exotic entertainments.

But if you’re looking to get a taste of the fun of Thai nightlife without the more sordid attractions, then simply heading up to the opulent rooftop bars of Bangkok can provide you with the perfect way to cast your eye across the cityscape with a cocktail in your hand – the perfect way to party this summer!