PayPal Makes It Easy to Not Carry A Wallet Anymore

April 14, 2014

There are very few luxuries that I have a hard time giving up- my Starbucks Canada App is one of them. Not only does it make is easy for me to track all my points (I’m a Gold Card member after all), but I don’t have to carry my wallet, or change when I step into any Starbucks location. I’m not saying that having change with you is a hard chore, but having the option to just walk into a coffee shop with just your smartphone is pretty awesome.

This is where this post gets even better! PayPal is now making it easier for you to pay your bills at 50 locations with your PayPal mobile app. Canadians crave convenience when it comes to settling the bill. In fact, a survey* conducted by PayPal revealed that almost nine in ten (87%) Canadians wished they could be wallet-free. In a first for Canada, Torontonians can now leave their wallet at home and pay with the PayPal mobile app**at more than 50 of the city’s most popular cafe?s, restaurants and food trucks. Diners get notified of exclusive offers and can tip easily with the PayPal mobile app.

Check in to pay Snakes & Lagers

Paying for a latte, lunch or drinks with friends is now easy and personalized with the PayPal mobile app. With a simple swipe, people can check in to pay and let the barista or server know that that they are paying with PayPal. Once they check in to pay, the customer’s name and profile photo appears on the restaurant’s payment system. This makes it easy for the server to identify them, take their order, confirm the amount to be paid, and charge them just by clicking their photo. The customer gets an alert on their phone informing them of the amount paid and an email confirmation from PayPal, which removes the hassle of storing paper receipts. The personal finance nerds in us know how awesome that feature is!

People who pay with the PayPal mobile app help shorten the lines at peak times as the barista or restaurant staff just has to tap the customer’s profile photo to process the payment. Cafe?s and food trucks, that previously only accepted cash, no longer have to turn away customers who do not have enough cash with them to pay at the point of sale. Restaurant owners can also drive brand engagement and customer loyalty by offering incentives that can be redeemed within the PayPal mobile app.

What type of incentives can you get?

Each user has get one time use coupons they can store (until the expiry date) and apply discretely to their purchase. This is great feature for those on dates, or those of us who hate carrying coupons around.

Saved Offers


Where can Torontonians check in with PayPal to check out?

From the best cappuccino to poutine, fresh oysters and cocktails, Torontonians can now pay with the PayPal mobile app at some of the city’s most popular cafe?s and restaurants.

  • Coffee-lovers no longer have to fumble for change to satisfy a caffeine craving when grabbing a latte at Jimmy’s Coffee on Portland Street and Baldwin Street, Thor Espresso Bar on Bathurst Street and Cafe Novo on Bloor Street West.
  • For a quick bite, the lunch crowd can grab a salad to-go from Zoe?’s, a sub from Belly Busters on King Street West or a wrap from Come and Get It on Queen Street West.
  • Spare hands for spare change are no longer needed at Lil’ Bean N’ Green in Leslieville. Moms no longer have to dig into their handbags to look for their wallet. They can check in with the PayPal app even before they arrive at the location, leaving more time to play with their toddlers.
  • People can use their phone to pick up the tab for after-work drinks or dinner with friends at Boehmer on Ossington Avenue and SpiritHouse on Adelaide Street West.
  • Torontonians can name their game and use the PayPal mobile app to pay for games, snacks and drinks at the newly opened Snakes and Lagers on College Street West.

Is it safe? 

It’s pretty much the same as using PayPal to make other purchases. You have the option to use your credit card, bank account or the balance in your PayPal account.


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