When Pampering is Worth the Price Tag

June 24, 2016

Whether you just completed a three day hike through the Vietnamese wilderness, worked 36 hours straight to put together a killer proposal for work, or your car broke down in the middle of rush hour traffic, you deserve it.


Yes, that’s right- you deserve to be pampered. You need to relax, de-stress, and take care of yourself- from the inside out.

As relaxing as a hot stone massage or a whirlpool treatment is, I sometimes find it hard to completely let go and just float in a cloud of bliss because I am conscious of how much this half an hour is going to cost me. Thankfully, I have learned to distinguish between what I can go without or closely replicate at home myself, versus services that are truly worth the price tag as they affect both my physical, mental, and emotional health.


DIY Services:

Manicure- Though I love the feeling I get when I leave a nail salon with a perfect manicure, I don’t like having to swipe my VISA in order to pay for it. Besides, even the cheapest manicure is more expensive than an entire bottle of varnish! That’s why I have decided to commit to taking care of my own nails- including cuticle care, shaping, and painting. Even home shellac kits are worth the initial investment price if you are committed to being your own manicurist.


Don’t forget to dial up the “relax factor” by turning on your favorite music, using fragrant moisturizers and adapting a spa mindset. Oh, and this spa you’re running also serves wine. Bonus!

Face Mask- With so many drugstore face masks available and the thousands of recipes for natural mixtures online, it seems frivolous to go to a salon or spa for them to just apply it for you. If you are really keen on having it applied with a brush by someone other than yourself, plan an at-home spa date with a friend or family member and help each other duplicate a spa-like experience.


Valuable Spa Services

Chemical Peels- Unless you have a chemistry degree, I would suggest that you leave chemical peels to the experts. I mean, I’m sure you could rock a chemical burn if you had to, but then again, do you really need that? These peels can assist you with treating dermatological conditions which can be debilitating. For example, glycolic acid is a chemical peel solution to combat common skin issues such as adult acne. So in addition to being pampered, you leave not only feeling or looking better, but with truly better skin.

Waxing- I know that there are many DIY waxing kits on the market, but the memory of a classmate who applied scorching wax to her leg is “burned” into my memory. Otherwise, I have yet to find a different alternative which is as effective as a salon wax- especially when it comes to sensitive areas which I cannot imagine doing myself. Though I know that these can get expensive, when I indulge in a waxing session, I try to do it in a smart way, either going on the day of the week when there is a discount on waxing, or finding a good deal on Groupon.

Massage- Unless you are doing a foot or face massage, it can be difficult (read: almost impossible unless you are a contortionist) to give yourself a massage. I only really go for massages when I am in physical pain, in which case, if you are insured, you might have medical coverage for. If massages aren’t included in your benefits, yet you feel like you would really benefit from a few sessions, it is probably worth the cost, especially if you see a Registered Massage Therapist who will know what to do to alleviate your pain or other problem.


Giving yourself the opportunity to unwind and relax is not only valuable to your health; it’s necessary. So keep your conscious clear as you pamper yourself- whether at your local spa or the one at home.


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