Outdoor Projects for Summer

August 15, 2012

Although summer is coming to an end, there are still a few good weekends left until it starts getting cold.  As such, now is as good a time as ever to tackle a few last outdoor projects this summer.  Whether you are an avid builder, a casual do-it-yourself’er, or just someone interested in making their home a little more personal, there are projects for every level and every want.  Here are some ideas to get you going before this warm summer weather leaves us.


Build a Deck

A fun project that can add value to your house is building a deck or porch for your family to enjoy.  It isn’t too hard to get started, as long as you have some basic craft skills – like measuring, using a saw, and pouring concrete.  The hardest part of building a deck is doing the design, and you can get instructions online or at your local lumber yard.  If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, there are many contractors out there who can quickly and cost-effectively build a deck for you.


Add a Sunroom

Another great project, except that it is a little more labor intensive, is to build a sunroom.  There are a lot of DIY conservatory kits out there that you can order the supplies and build yourself.  If you think it will be a little too much work, you can also buy the kit and hire a professional installer to do it for you.  While it will cost a little more, it can be a great way to add a little more living space to your home.



Plant a Garden

Although summer is ending, you can still plant a garden and get some vegetables for fall.  Gardening at home has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and there are lots of kits and instructions out there on how you can build a planter box, keep the animals out of your garden, and grow some great vegetables.  If you get started right now, you may even be able to harvest something this fall.