On Research Papers for Grownups

So I was sitting on my Ipad reading Business Insider when I came across this goldmine of fun times on Herbalife.

I don’t remember reading 300 page presentation for a non-school related activity in my life, and yet I found myself drawn into the world of Herbalife and pyramid schemes, and all the other fun things that go with it.

I have a more detailed post about my run-ins with people attempting to see me ” business opportunities” scheduled in the new year, but I wanted to share this lovely piece fo goodness for those are not working today and wanted to read something fascinating.

For the record, while I may not agree with 1 person attempting to short a stock for his gains, I do appreciate the comments that follow the article for the people dialogue for brainwashed individuals.


This is my Christmas gift to you. Yes, a 300 page presentation. I’m a nerd like that.

Also, did hear about the ending of Spiderman? I’m still sad about that.


  1. says

    Spiderman isn’t ending, they are just replacing Peter Parker.

    Herbalife stock has already gone down quite a bit since Ackman has raised the question of them being a pyramid scheme. It will be interesting to see how it finally resolves.

  2. Jane Savers says

    I found your blog through Wise Bread.

    The big pyramid in my part of Canada is Ganno Excel coffee. They say that every business is a pyramid with more workers at the bottom and less at the top and to label them a pyramid is a good thing.
    I thought the ganno was something to do with bat poop but it is some kind of coffee made from mushrooms that will cure anything and everything that is wrong with you.

    I have to avoid a few people in my life right now because they want to get together and talk about how exciting their lives have become since they discovered Ganno. Reminds me of Amway from the 80s.

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