Oh, last minute trips.

April 12, 2013

Traveling gives me immense pleasure. While there are a variety of reasons to travel, its not something for everyone. I know some very smart, interesting people who have a hard time appreciating being away from the comforts of home. Travelling has been a craze for civilizations for centuries. We have climbed hills and mountains, dashed through the valleys and braved across the deserts and even stepped on moon. There is nothing like finding the places that we seek. I mean we’ve even written poems about the unending lust of tearing apart the forest and climbing on the peaks of the hills.

However, not everyone imagines traveling in the same manner, so people seek/need more adventure than others. The beauty of vacation is being able to craft your own idea of paradise, if you look hard enough you can find it anywhere even in places like Las Vegas, one of my favorite places for cheap last minute trips.

Beach Resorts


This is the best option when we get tired of the everyday hustle and bustle. Visiting to a beach can really a thrilling experience,  especially if you love marine life. The thing with beaches are that they crop up at unexpected places, like Las Vegas. No doubt you would prefer that one only, where you will enjoy swimming in saline water.

Hotel service to serve you

Sometimes we need to just check into a hotel and do nothing. Or, do something crazy like show up at 3 am and not sleep the next night. There are a hand ful of places that you can do that. Ibiza is one, and Las Vegas is the other. While you can camp on the beach in Ibiza, that option doesn’t exist in Las Vegas. The funny with Las Vegas is that you don’t really need a big fancy suite since you don’t really spend that much time in it. And lets be real, even the non-fancy ones have great service. I need normally search the review for the cheap Las Vegas hotels and settle on something that looks clean and has a decent review.

The cool thing about Vegas is the fact that you can find almost any kind of food that you want. They have local (American) and international cuisines at your fingertips.  The staff know everything, and most hotels have access to pools, and casinos, and clubs. What else do you need?

A gist of area

The thing about Vegas is that you can something to do. I tend to wander around convention halls when I get bored, just to see what type of conferences are going on. Or spend my day shopping, or lounging by the pool (and getting my tan on). Nights are normally for wandering around casinos (as I hate gambling) and going out. I know most people think that Vegas is only for adults but thats not true. Almost every hotel has activities for kiddies. There are tons of shows to take your kids to, and a ton of landmarks within a short drive.

So when are you planning your next visit?