Link Love- Its odd to cheer against Miami in Miami edition

So as some of you might know, I’ve spent the last week working Miami. The weather has been great which motivated me to get as much done as early as possible so I spend my day on the beach. The plan worked!

Its no secret that I am a sports fanatic and watch anything from baseball to basketball, and all the sports that include a ball. As a result of this obsession I went to a pub to watch the Miami Heat vs OKC Thunder game. Lets just say that I dislike Miami, dislike Lebron even more. Needless to say it got pretty awkward when you’re one of 3 people cheering for a different team in a pub of 400. Thankfully, its one of the few times that being a girl saved my butt.

Anyhoo, on to the links this week:


  • Freelancing Revenue Report: My First Three Months in the Trenches on Invest it Wisely. Kevin documents his first 3 months. Being the huge supporter of entrepreneurship that I am, Kevin’s account is a reality check that not all ventures are successful overnight. It takes a lot of work to be successful, and it doesn’t happen overnight. I’m excited to see where Kevin is in the next 3 months.


  1. says

    Hahaha…I’m so cheering against Lebron and the Heat too. I bet it would be pretty damn awkward cheering against them when actually in Miami though. A guy in that situation would definitely have to watch his back.

  2. Kurt @ Money Counselor says

    Wade’s the one I can’t stand. I’m pulling for OKC though, how can you not like Durant?

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