Link Love- Baltimore Ravens Edition

It has been a great weekend for football since the 49ers won. The Baltimore Ravens are playing as I type this and it is a bit hard to concentrate on both at the same time.

I am also in the process of launching 2, possibly 3 new sites in the next month and I had forgotten how much work that was.  But I have friends helping and we are very excited to show it off.

On to the link love from this week.

The personal finance community is brilliant. I get to know some of the most interesting, and genuine people out there. This post from Jana at Daily Money Shot shows her growth and a very real side that most bloggers wouldn’t be brave enough to share.

Sam at Financial Samurai talks about How to save for Retirement when you don’t make enough money. It is a great read.

Its the time of year where most people are looking at their networth. SB, from One Cent At a Time, does just that.

On the topic of networth, Jacob, from my Personal Finance Journey, goes back to basics: Control your spending.

Entrepreneurship is my passion, and seeing stories like “My son is a Young Entrepreneur” on Money Reason’s blog makes my day.

Corey, from 20’s Finances explains why Financing a car can be a bad idea.

FT has a great post on Million Dollar Journey about why he doesn’t use a Dividend ETF for his leveraged portfolio.

I learn something new every time I read Boomer and Echo. This week I learned how to stop investment fraud.

Crystal, from Budgeting in the fun stuff, explains why you can’t fix stupid. Trust me, its a great read about how silly people can be when it comes to cars.

There was a lot of drama over Suze Orman’s new card. I live in Canada, and it really doesn’t apply to me. (I didn’t actually know who she was until last week) Andrea, from So Over Debt, explains why that card is a bad idea.


Round up and Carnivals I was thrilled to be included in:





  1. Jeff @My Multiple Stems says

    Looks like they squeaked out a win :) they have their work cut out for them next week! (and no I’m not a pats fan)

    Nice list, have to check out the ones I haven’t seen yet. Need help on sites let me know :)

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