Life Should be Equal Parts Responsibility, and Fun.


My grandma was an amazing lady. She used to tell us to enjoy our youth because the sky doesn’t stay as blue when when we get older. She used to insist on indulging us, but I suppose all grandma’s do. She was the most responsible woman that I have ever know. She could stretch a dollar further than anyone else. The difference was that she had to do that. Thats what she lived on early on in her life. I thought of her today. She left us with life lessons without us even realizing it.

Saw this commercial and loved it.


The tag line is “Life should be equal parts responsibility, and fun.” Excellent reminder for all of you to slow down and enjoy the fruits of our labour. We get caught in the hustle of things. Whether it’s paying off debt, or earning money to buy a house, or working hard to get to the higher position so we can work harder and buy more things.

I, personally, had a hard time finding a balance between the two, and still struggle with over working and attempting to “prove” myself.  While I know that I am saving for the future  so I can have money when I retire, there are times where I wonder if putting the amount of emphasis that we put on retirement really makes sense as punish ourselves now.

Not to put a damper on anyone’s mood, but we’re not really guaranteed a retirement, we’re not even guaranteed tomorrow, so the things that we want to do should be done now, well soonish. I know I wrote a post earlier about why having a “fun” fund is important to me. Yes, I had a tiny bit of my grad school loans  left when I went on vacation. Yes, I has those when I went to that concert, or bought the Starbucks drink. The point here isn’t to preach. I’m sure there are a lot people who have found the right balance between fun and responsibility.  My point here is merely this, if all we ever do is work hard to save for a future that is not promised, how do we justify wasting the time that is given to us.

Also, to the people who say “YOLO”, this is not a way to justify stupidity. Its merely a reason not to have regrets as we grow old.

I’m going to jump out of an airplane this weekend. Yes, you read that right.




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    Having fun is one is one of the things I value most in life :) I’m beginning to find that a lot of fun things can be had without spending a lot of money. Balance is key. Have an exciting weekend. Don’t forget to pull the cord ;).

  2. says

    I want to jump out of an air plane. I don’t look at saving as punishing myself. I still spend in moderation and just don’t buy things thoughtlessly. If I wanted to punish myself I wouldn’t save because when I really hit a bad time and need the money I wouldn’t have it and would be hurting.

  3. says

    I like your last quote the best! I agree, YOLO is not for stupidity but to encourage us to live out our lives best we can. This means responsible and fun! Like you said it is a struggle, but that’s normally how balancing is. That isn’t going to keep me from trying though. Have fun jumping out of that perfectly good airplane! :)

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    I also struggle with finding a balance and often tell myself that “eventually things will slow down.” I know that’s not really true unless I make it a point for that to become reality. It’s nice to slow down every once in awhile.

    I’m so jealous that you’re sky diving. It’s one thing I’ve been wanting to do for a few years now. I think we’re going to plan on doing it this coming spring though! Have fun!!!

    • Marissa says

      Thank you! You should do it soon! There is not thing more life affirming than jumping out of an airplane and living to tell the story.

  5. says

    I kind of want life to be more fun than responsibility 😉

    Can’t believe you’re going to jump out of an airplane! that’s so awesome! I’m way too afraid of heights to do that, I’d just cry and throw up probably..

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    I jumped out of a plane while I was in university. While I was terrified and white knuckled the whole way, but it was 100% worth it. Have a great time!

  7. says

    Wow, good for you! One of my best friends from high school became a trained “jump coach” or whatever you call them, and has done it about 500 times! Me? I’d NEVER try. Too scared.

    (By the way, I like the commercial you added in – I’ve noticed that on TV, and find it rather clever.)

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    Clever commercial!! OMG how did the jump go? I did that once when I was 27…except I just did the solo jump where the airplane pulls the chute, so I didn’t get to free fall. Excited to hear how it went. And oh yes, I agree with your post.

  9. mari says

    Live life to the fullest! Earn more to spend more! Goodluck on your jump and I am also going to a exotic place to travel! Cheers!

  10. says

    This post is 100% right, and I never follow it! As much as I want to be “equal parts”, I work too hard and don’t enough fun. However, it’s a work in progress, and I’m definitely doing better than I was a year ago.

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