Know everything about saving money

September 4, 2014

Tricks to save money in online gaming must be well understood by all gamers. These days, most online games can be enjoyed equally well using your smartphones. Thus you do not necessarily have to associate online gaming with desktops anymore; you have the whole big adventure pack right in your pocket. The different types of bonuses offered by various online gaming have been highlighted here for a gaming experience that’s lighter on your pocket, yet thoroughly enjoyable.

Match bonuses

Deemed to be the most common types of bonuses available in casinos for smartphones, the match bonuses require you to make a deposit to earn freebies equivalent to matched percentage of the deposit you make. For example if your game makes an offer of 50% match bonus, you are eligible to receive additional 50% to your bankroll when you make a deposit. If the match bonus offered is 100%, you receive an additional 100% in your bankroll of whatever deposit you make. In this case, you will find that there is a maximum limit to which the casino allows a 100% bonus. Any deposits higher than that amount would still result in you receiving the upper limit set by the game.

No deposit bonuses

Though such bonuses are bit risky for online casinos to offer, most casinos do give you a no deposit bonus usually in the form of a welcome bonus for you to get started with. Thus you do not have to worry about making any initial deposits in order to start playing. All you need to do is just download the casino software in your smartphone, register your account and an automatic claim is made for you to receive your bonus. Slotomania free video slots games are good examples of no deposit bonuses. Though the bonuses aren’t too large most of the times, but are sufficient to lure you into playing if you feel reluctant to invest in the first go. So when you are playing online at casinos, you are at an advantage because such bonuses are rare to find in land based casinos.

Weekly or monthly bonuses

These work just as the match bonuses do, the only difference being that you are eligible to claim them only once in a week or month, as suggested by the casino. They are offered by relatively fewer casinos and the bonus amount offered varies from game to game.

One thing to be careful about these games offering bonuses is the strict betting requirements since they’d want to cover the risk that way. Also, you must read and evaluate the wagering requirements, terms and policies before beginning to make deposits. Before playing any online game, make sure to go through its reviews which will definitely give you a better idea of the gaming experience. Also, beware of flashy bonuses that offer very high amounts; you’d want to evaluate them particularly well before availing any of their freebies.