Is it worth buying designer?

May 17, 2013

We all have what seems like never-ending expenses and bills. And in today’s economy, it make more sense to cut down on spending and come up with ways to be more frugal. However, when it comes to certain things, say clothing, furniture, cars is it better to invest in high quality pieces or go for the cheaper ones?

The debate has been around for years, and it will continue for many more. Designer goods offer a certain reliability, quality and aesthetic that many consumers seek. Whether it’s a perfume, a chair, or a pair of jeans, designer goods tend to be well made, are durable and add a touch of sophistication.

With that being said, the label comes at a high price. There are so many off-brands that are attempting to sell similar looking products and promote the same qualities, but not all are comparable.

When it comes to certain things, designer brands are best. A wardrobe, for example, can be comprised of a mix of high-end and high-street pieces. It is often better to purchase designer goods if you are investing in staples such as trench coats, jeans, shoes and suiting. Designer clothes are well tailored and of high quality. Even after constant wear, these items remain well preserved.

When you are dressed in clothes that fit well and look nice, you project more confidence and have a more positive and authoritative demeanour. Plus, they tend to be more on trend. he same goes for children too. Pieces such as the designer wool coats and evening attire sold on are well worth the money. Accessories, like sunglasses and handbags are worth the investment. They are of the highest quality and will have longevity. Besides, you’ll have something of value that you can pass down to your children when they get older.

Perfumes, cosmetics, lotions and hair care products vary greatly. Some people who suffer from skin allergies or who have sensitive skin should purchase designer products, as these tend to have fewer irritants. There is a noticeable difference in perfume. Cheaper ones, do not smell as aromatic and they can irritate the skin. Makeup, on the other hand, is less conclusive. Some drugstore makeup performs just as well, if not better, as high-end labels.

Purchases come down to preference. Before purchasing items, you just have to make sure that you do your research and choose what fits your interests and needs. Also, know that not everything has to be name-brand, nor does it all have to be generic. If budget is a concern, then mix and match. Some of the most innovative and appealing outfits, interior designs and beauty regimes utilize both high end and generic.