How to Save Money On Moving House:

April 30, 2014

Moving house is a vexatious business. This process requires detailed planning, time and patience. When moving house, you have two options: to transport things on your own, or moving long distance with United Van Lines or a similar company. Hiring professional movers is more beneficial, because this decision will save you time and headaches. On the other hand, this option may be quite expensive.

If you’ve decided to hire professional movers to relocate your belongings, you need to learn a few simple tricks that will help cut-down your expenses.

Move during off-season. Most moving companies may significantly increase their rates on Fridays, weekends and holidays. Consequently, you can get a more favourable deal if you move, for example, on Monday or mid-week. The cheapest months to relocate the home are June and July. If your are not pressed for time and have the flexibility, choosing off-season is a good chance to save on your move.

Pack your things. The final sum you will be charged for moving services depends on the amount of time movers will need to pack, upload, transport and unload your things. In other words, you will be charged an hourly rate. You can save a good amount if you pack the stuff yourself. Some appliances require special packing, however. If you want to be sure that these things will be transported safely, let professionals wrap the most precious items.

Reduce the load. In case of the international move (or if you move from state to state), transportation rates depend on the weight of the transported stuff. The rule is simple: the less weight – the less money. So, our next money-saving tip is – get rid of the stuff you can do without. Hold garage sale, give things to your friends or donate to charity organisations.

Compare prices. Rates charged by different moving companies are diverse. Undoubtedly, the offered services are also not alike. To get the best services for your money, it is crucial to compare several moving companies. Before making a final decision, pay attention to the company’s reputation, experience and check customer reviews. A little research will help you save money and get top-notch services.

A move to a new place is a daunting task. However, you can save much time and avoid difficulties by hiring a professional moving company. Just let professionals help you with your move.

Be advised that a San Francisco moving company SFMoving offers affordable rates and superior services. This company will prove that house moving can be quick, affordable and hassle-free. You deserve to get the best services!

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