How to get the cheapest van insurance in the market

April 30, 2013

Owning a delivery truck or a number of vans to run a business will require a business owner to get van insurance. Coverage is necessary to keep a vehicle on the road. Indemnity is required by law and every entrepreneur should be conscientious enough to get them for company fleet vehicles. Van insurance quotes can be acquired for free from reliable providers and websites on the Internet.

Van insurance cover is not as cheap as the ones for ordinary family automobiles. Business owners may also pay a higher premium for company delivery trucks because of additional risks involved. This makes it more important to seek affordable providers. There are some things that can be done to get cheap coverage. This is something that will be necessary if there are several vehicles that require coverage in the company fleet.

To get cheaper rates, business owners must add security features to all the company owned delivery trucks. By making sure that the vans are secured, cases of theft and vandalism will be decreased. There will be fewer chances for the trucks to be broken into or stolen. All the delivery vehicles must be fitted with alarm systems, trackers, and immobilizers. It also helps to prove that all the units will be secure in the company parking lot.

For an insurer to offer cheaper rates, all designated company drivers must prove that they are safe and skilled motorists. Business owner must require each driver to show a copy of their driving history that indicates clear records. As the owner of a business, one must also hire good drivers who have not been in many road mishaps. Use the clean records to negotiate for lower premiums.

Aside from proving that a company has employed drivers that have not been in traffic accident incidents, it is also important to avoid minor traffic incidents such as speeding and careless driving. It is also inconceivable to get cheap rates if any of the company drivers has a record for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Another factor that can lower insurance cost is for company drivers to respect towing weight limits.

Companies and business owners may also get lower rates by paying for the vehicle insurance plans in advance. By paying the premiums for the entire year instead of arranging for a monthly payment plan, business owners may be able to negotiate for cheaper rates. Some insurers will offer discounts if payment for the whole year is paid up front.

The size of the delivery trucks in the fleet also matter. To be able to get affordable coverage, it will be a good idea to consider getting smaller delivery trucks. Typically, the smaller the vehicles are, the cheaper the premiums will be. This should apply to both the engine size and the physical dimensions of the trucks. Vehicles with shorter wheel bases will also involve lower van insurance costs.

When searching for van insurance quotes online, use a comparison website. This lets the user compare premiums, monthly or annual payments from various providers, side-by-side. This is a great way to see a number of options on a single webpage. Not only will the prices and quotes be available for comparison, one may also compare packages, limitations, and requirements.

Always tell the truth when applying for van insurance cover. Be honest about the nature of the vehicle’s use, whether it is for business or personal use. Lying to get cheaper rates may backfire at a later date. If the insurance company determines that statements on the application were not truthful, the policies for all company trucks may be nullified which translates to financial losses for the company.