How to Get Beauty Equipment for Your Salon

March 28, 2013

A worker is only as good as his or her tools. In a salon, it’s no different. Spending a little extra to invest in quality beauty equipment will ultimately pay off. When looking for styling tools for your salon, pay attention to reviews, quality, durability, and aesthetics. Spending your money wisely will help ensure your business becomes a flying success.

Salon Chairs

Your customers’ comfort is paramount. If your styling chairs are awkward, and your clientele doesn’t feel relaxed, then you could potentially lose their custom. Who wants to sit in a stiff chair for ages while they have their hair done? Look for extra padding, adjustable settings, and footrests. Consider providing cushions for elderly patrons – it’s the little details that count.

Go Freestanding

Why buy a handful of different machines when you can buy everything in one, freestanding machine? A salon should look spacious and inviting, not like a robot factory. Avoid scores of dryers, steamers, and processors by opting for a few combination models. It should save you money too.

Shampoo Stations

Units for washing, shampooing, and conditioning hair are essential for a salon. Depending on the décor, you’ll have to choose between stand-alone bowls or mammoth shampoo stations. Whichever you pick, always opt for the most adjustable model, complete with a neck rest, vacuum breaker, and sturdy base.

For the employees’ convenience, ensure that everything they need is set up at this station, from towels to combs. Consider providing free head massages at these units too, for a truly indulgent spa experience.


You can never have too much storage in your salon. Styling stations should be both fashionable and functional, offering innovative ways to store your straighteners, clips, hairdryers and combs. Look for units that come with deep drawers, shelves, and high quality lighting.

Waiting Room Furniture

Although your waiting room may seem to you a secondary concern, it’s arguably one of the most important parts of the building – this is the first area your customers see as they walk through the door. You want to invite them inside with amazing décor and stunning facilities. Pick out durable but fashionable waiting chairs that are exceptionally comfortable.

Manicure Areas

You want all the basics – keep your tools simple, high-quality, and stylish. There’s no need to buy every fad on the market, as long as you get the most important parts right. Choose manicure units that provide plenty of space; light, padded arm rests; storage drawers; and padded, comfortable chairs. Decorate the stations with your best nail polishes in eye-catching colours.

Spray Tanning

Seeing as a budget spray tan machine – when in the wrong hands – can go awry, this is an area where it’s worth investing some serious cash. Make sure that you have the best booth in town!

Retail Displays

If you’re wondering what kind of interesting, decorative pieces you can use in your salon, go window shopping! Yes – peering at retail displays can provide you with ideas for the most beautiful and functional furniture for your business. These items are designed to look good and catch a customer’s attention.