How to Become a Candy Crush Professional

August 21, 2015

I have a couple of games on my phone that I play every day. One is Chess, the other is Candy Crush Soda. I’m pretty bad at Chess, but I’ve made amazing progress at CCS. If only it weren’t a complete time vampire.

There are probably Candy Crush competitions out there, but in general you can’t make any money with the game. So what is meant by this title? Well, there are lots of interesting apps and web services which are trying to get people into savings and investment, by accessing the same game-centric power by which Candy Crush dominates so many people’s time. The single most effective one I personally know of is the one offered through a CMC Markets .

CMC Markets is real investment, with real money. This web broker focuses on different forms of day trading: CFD, Forex, and the like. Each investment form is simple to understand a fast paced, perfect for people on the go, casual but learning. With CFD, for instance, a user will be presented with thousands of different financial products from all around the world. In order to make money, he or she will have to correctly anticipate how the product’s price will changed from the moment observed to a moment a few minutes or hours in the future. If the user correctly anticipates whether the price will rise or fall, dividends will be earned according to how much the price changed and how much the user invested. Suffice to say, you can gain or lose money really fast with this method.

That’s why the demo account is so crucial. CFD and Forex trading is FUN. Don’t forget that point for a minute. It’s got all the addictive quality and fast paced action of something like Candy Crush, but you’re dealing with real money. However, unlike Candy Crush, there is a measure of skill with CFD, Forex Trading, and the like. Unlike the abstract forms you’re dealing with on the aforementioned game, you’re trading in real products, like currencies and economic markets. By researching the many factors that go into the price fluctuations of this stuff, a CMC Markets user can start to make educated guesses about how prices will change over short timespans. In the beginning, the Demo Account makes it possible to try your insight as many times as you want, without risking any real money.


You can use CMC Markets investing just like you use Candy Crush: on a coffee break, at lunch, on a trip to the bathroom. The difference is, you can make money this way: a lot of money if you’re good. While you’re getting good, the demo account insulates you from any rookie mistakes. When you’re ready to go to the real thing, you can make hundreds or thousands of dollars while you’re riding the bus or waiting for a seat at a restaurant. This is a great application of the gamification of investment, and it’s one that enables you to learn the rules of investment of all kinds, while applying your efforts to a fun web application.