How safe am I if I get my Medications Delivered?

August 28, 2014

If you aren’t able to get to the pharmacy to collect your medications it’s a relief if you can get them delivered to your home address.  It saves all the worry that you may have about how you are going to get them.  But do you have concerns about having your medications delivered to your home?

People may think what could possibly be the problem with being able to get the medication you need without leaving your home, and it is an excellent service.  But you may be thinking about issues withsecurity.

How do you feel about providing your address?

Some people, especially seniors, may be concerned about everyone at the pharmacy having access to details of where they live.  If this applies to you then it’s a good idea to ask around about how reputable the pharmacy is.  You should also discuss your concerns with the manager of the pharmacy who’ll be able to take you through the security procedures thatthey have in place to make surethat your personal details are only used in a legitimate manner.

Do you have an issue with people calling at your home?

If you live on your own you may be wary of answering the door to people that you don’t know.  If you have a regular delivery person for your medication this may become less of a problem but initially you may want to ask for identification before you open the door fully or you may feel safer having someone with you in your home at the time when the prescription is due to be delivered.  You can also ask the pharmacist if they are able to deliver to you at a different address so that you can perhaps take delivery at the home of relative or friend so you don’t feel so isolated, you can find out more here.

Do you want to protect the medication?

If you live somewhere where you think you might me targeted by people wanting to take your medication from you, then consider how obvious it is what is being delivered; does the person delivering wear a uniform and is the medication contained in a branded bag?  If you have concerns you should express them to your pharmacist and see if the problem can be overcome.

Is delivery the best option for you?

If you really don’t like the idea of someone calling to your home you need to think aboutwhether home delivery is the best idea.  Are you able to get to the pharmacy at all? If not do you have anyone that could collect the prescriptionfor you? If you have a relative or friend who iswilling to do this it may take away some of your concerns about taking delivery of your medication.  If you definitely need to have your medication delivered make sue the pharmacist is aware of your concerns so that they can deal with them in an empathetic manner and hopefully allay your worries.

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