How A Mother Can Start Making Money From Blogging and Writing

November 20, 2018

Supplemental income is something that all mothers wish they had as it can increase the quality of life of the entire family. Not being worried about things from a financial sense will allow you to reduce your overall stress. Most people do not realize the amount of stress that money problems can put on them. This is also why many marriages that end in divorce have had some kind of financial issues. Starting to make money is about honing your writing skills as the need for high-quality content is as high as ever. The following are tips on how a mother can start making money from writing on her blog as well as for other companies.

Find a Freelance Platform

There are plenty of freelancer platforms out there with some being more written content oriented than others. Others might have a concentration on web design but an all-inclusive platform is that of Upwork. This connects clients and freelancers to allow the freelancer to earn from home while the company can get quality writing done at an affordable price. This ensures the client that they will not be ripped off and the freelancer that they will be paid for the work that they do. Unfortunately, there are some businesses that try to get free work from a freelancer by changing the scope of the project before payment is due.

Apply To Sites That Pay For Quality Content

There are sites and companies that are willing to pay for quality content on mass scales. Content productions companies can give high-quality writers work from doing blog posts to editing website copy. Large online retailers can use thousands of product descriptions but when contributing to this type of content you need to be careful. Some companies will pay you months after the work is completed while certain websites will pay you according to the traffic that your articles garnered. This can make it difficult to plan what to do with your excess income so take a look at reviews of working for the company. Many freelancers will leave reviews on the timeliness of payment as this is the most important factor for a majority of those writing for supplement or full-time income.

Build Up Traffic To The Blog and Watch Money Start Trickling In

Monetizing your blog can happen if you are attracting a certain number of readers on a daily basis. This means that you are going to have to publish posts multiple times per week in order to keep the readers coming back day after day. You should not compromise your quality of content in order just to publish a post. If you are hitting some form of writer’s block then ask the readers what topics they would like you to cover. They might even contribute something themselves for a byline as many people try to get their name out there in their specific industry. Sponsored posts, as well as passive ad income, will start to build and increase as traffic increases as search engines will start to recognize your site. This will help you get more organic traffic especially if ranking for very specific keywords.

Start making money off of your writing and hone those skills as they can be extremely valuable. Make extra money daily without leaving your couch and watch your financial problems start to disappear!