Why Hawaii is the Perfect Location for a Winter Beach Vacation

October 7, 2016

Hawaii is a hugely popular tourist destination for people from all over the globe, but it’s especially popular during the winter season. Its tropical climate, friendly and welcoming locals, delicious food, luxurious hotels, and amazing landscape welcome travelers who want to get away from the cold temperatures, snow, and ice of the harsh winter. So if you’ve been thinking about taking a beach vacation to get away from it all and bask in the sunshine for at least a little while, continue reading to learn a few reasons why Hawaii is the ideal place to go.

The Weather Is Absolutely Perfect

Are you in search of a tropical destination in the middle of the winter? Then look no further than Hawaii, which boasts perfect temperatures and weather conditions during this time of the year. Even in January and February, areas like Honolulu and Waikiki have average daytime temperatures around 80°F. This means that you can pack your bustier bikini top and get ready for some relaxing time on the sandy beaches that are found throughout this unique state. Just be aware that the nights can get cooler, so pack accordingly. Keep in mind, too, that the islands do tend to get more rainfall during the winter, but these are usually short showers that won’t get in the way of your plans.

Why Hawaii is the Perfect Location for a Winter Beach Vacation

It’s a Surfer’s Paradise

Another reason why Hawaii is such a popular destination for winter travelers, especially surfers, is because the biggest waves occur on the island’s beaches during these months of the year. In fact, waves in the winter can be as tall as 20 feet high or more, so you’ll definitely have a blast as you navigate the massive waves if you’re an experienced surfer. And if you don’t surf, you can watch the talented surfers while sitting on the sand instead.

More Than Just Beaches

In addition to the magnificent beaches that Hawaii has to offer, there are a host of other fun and unforgettable outdoor activities that you can enjoy during your winter trip. This essentially translates to never having to worry about becoming bored. So when you’ve gotten your fill of beach time and pool time, you can head into the rainforest for an exhilarating hike, you can check out volcanoes, you can go for a boat ride, or you can even make your way to some of the most beautiful waterfalls on the planet. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and you aren’t afraid of getting a little active during your winter vacation, Hawaii will give you more options that you can include in your itinerary.

You Can Go Whale Watching

The peak months for going whale watching and spotting humpback whales in their natural habitat in the waters off Hawaii are January through March. However, you can also spot these magnificent creatures in December and April. The best islands for whale watching trips include the Big Island, Lanai, and Maui. With migrations of 4,000-6,000 humpback whales every winter, you can see these animals in the protected environment where they’ll mate and have babies.

A Great Place to Be for the Holidays

Hawaii becomes a very festive place to be as the residents prepare to celebrate the Christmas season. The shops, hotels, and even the towns themselves sport holiday décor and really get into this fun time of year. So if you’re hoping to enjoy a tropical Christmas in paradise, this is definitely a top choice. And if you want, you can also stick around to ring in the new year in paradise as well.

You Can Choose from Luxurious Resorts

There are many hotels throughout Hawaii, and some of them are found right by the beach, while others are found further inland. But if you don’t want to stay at a standard hotel, you can book a luxurious resort that will give you everything that you need to enjoy a comfortable stay on the island of your choice. This means that you can enjoy fine dining, swimming in a pool, and lounging on the beach, all without even having to leave the resort and travel far.

These are just a few of the many reasons why so many travelers choose Hawaii as their winter vacation destination, and why you should consider booking your next winter journey to this amazing island chain as well. No matter where you book your stay, you’ll be surrounded by amazing natural beauty, and you can enjoy the clean and refreshing ocean breeze and the warm sunshine each day.

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