Giveaway / Contest Alert : Manpacks + NatandMarie

My awesome friends over at @NatandMarie just launched a sweet contest with Manpacks, and I  wanted to make sure that I shared it. I rather have my brother win this so I don have to buy him the essential items, but I want everyone to have the chance.


Manpacks is a handy service that let’s you pick out all your need to have items (deodorant,  socks, underwear, hangover pills, etc) and mails it to your door every 3 months. Well, we’ve teamed up with Manpacks to give away 1 YEAR FREE of Manpacks to one lucky winner!

So do you have a guy that needs Manpacks? You’re a guy who needs Manpacks? You’re a girl and you love using guy goodies, then get on this contest NOW!
They’ve made it pretty simple to enter this contest. Go over to NatandMarie’s page to enter. I’m including the entry details below.
All you have to do is:

– Make us a video

– Tell Us “What’s in Your Manpacks” and Why

– Post it as a response video on YouTube to this video here (

– On July 18 during the broadcast of Nat&Marie we will announce the winner LIVE at

– And don’t forget to follow @natandmarie & @manpacks on Twitter, check out our facebook pages

If you’re too shy to make a video, take a pic, send us a haiku in a Tweet to #manpacks, do whatever you want, but tell us what’s in your Manpacks.  This is a sweet prize, trust me, it’s just shy of 1K worth of stuff – that’s one monster of a prize and it could be yours!



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