Girl boss fashion: how to do power dressing on a budget

May 9, 2017

There’s nothing quite like a brand new pair of killer shoes to make you feel like a powerful girl boss capable of smashing even the most stressful of workplace dramas.

In an ideal world, you’d have a perfectly colour coordinated wardrobe filled with enough sparkling Louboutins and VB shift dresses to rock a different outfit every working day of the month.But for most us, the kind of power dressing Vogue likes to showcase isn’t an option (unless we’re happy to blow our credit rating score forever).

Nope, we’ve got to be a little bit savvier when buying a confidence-boosting work wardrobe.

Don’t worry, though, we’ve got your back. We’re sharing a few top tips for staying polished, feeling good and dressing for success even when you’re on a tight budget.

Take a look.

#1: Invest in classic pieces

Before you start looking at trends and fashions, build up a core wardrobe of classic pieces that fit well and won’t go out of style (we’re talking about crisp white shirts, bootcut trousers and wear-with-anything blazers).

You can mix and match them with statement, cheaper items, but you’ll always have at least a few fallback outfits to rescue you from any 8am ‘what should I wear?’ panics.

#2: Streamline your morning routine

Get your hair and makeup routine down to a fine art, so that you never have to worry about running mascara or unmanageable frizz during busy afternoons in the office.

Go for a style you know will last all day, using the Mark Hill hair curler wand (it always delivers great results) to add some carefully controlled volume and waves to your locks. And ditch heavy foundations in favour of a light BB cream, for dewy and fresh skin from morning till night.

#3: focus on comfort

It doesn’t matter if the label says Chanel – if you feel uncomfortable you’ll only end up tugging and fussing at your outfit all day (that’s never a good look).

Only buy clothes you’re actually going to enjoy wearing, then you’ll be so eager to show them off, you’ll happily flaunt into the office on Monday morning.

#4: Rent clothes for big events

When you’ve got a big work dinner or event coming up, don’t use it as an excuse to hit the shops and buy yourself a fancy new frock.

Formalwear can be super expensive, so instead, rent a dress for the night (websites like Girl Meets Dress are great for this) and save yourself a totally unnecessary bill.

#5: Work on your body language

Good body language will instantly make you look more confident, and won’t cost you a penny.

Stand up straight, keep your chin up, relax your arms (no crossing them) and take a deep breath before you head out the door in the morning. Any lingering nerves will soon disappear.

Do you have any other top tips for power dressing on a budget? Leave a comment and let us know.