Getting With The Times: A modern Approach For Growing Businesses

October 25, 2013

In this day and age, technology has enabled us to do more. We are able to post messages online that reach millions of people instantaneously and with the tap of a touchscreen phone, we can sit in a chair in one city and see people on the other side of the world. Businesses, fueled by efficiency and effectiveness, can benefit greatly from these new advancements and are doing so every day. This is particularly true for new and growing businesses that don’t have a grand budget just yet. Here are three ways you can get down to business on modernizing your growing business:

Hire a social media coordinator:

If you haven’t jumped on the social media-bandwagon, it is time you do so. Social media allows companies to communicate directly with followers and build valuable relationships. If your company is one that is wishing to jump into the world of social media but not too sure how to approach the task- hire a social media coordinator to show you how it’s done. They are looking for professional experience and you are looking for an in-person tutorial on how to grow and sustain your business through the power of direct online communication with the masses. It’s a win-win situation for both parties!

Let outside services do the legwork so you can handle the business:

While you are too occupied with your burgeoning business to stop and pick up a phone call, there are services that can help take the load off your shoulders. Telephone answering services are the newest approach to tending to calls whether it’s taking a message or directing company landline calls straight to your personal phone when you’re out of the office. The future is here and it’s being patched through to you as we speak.

Learn from best practices:

Creating trusting relationships with organizations that share similar corporate cultures with your company is an ideal way of establishing a successful business model. Collaborate with organizations whose practices you admire and wish to emulate with your business. Whether it’s their approach to engaging with their publics or their employee-relations initiatives, learning to take good care of customers and employees may seem like the oldest trick in the book- but doing it well may be the secret to your success.

This article was written by Cheryl Potter, strategic communications consultant at KBHC Consultants. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Cheryl now lives in Toronto, where she works as a part-time consultant while pursuing a Masters of Communications at York University. Having received her undergraduate degree in public relations from Humber College, Cheryl works with KBHC Consultants as well as independently through her own consulting firm, Strategic Alliance. She is married with three children and would one day like to see her Toronto-based firm move into the US market.


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