Free Things That Will Take Your Jamaican Vacation To The Next Level

November 19, 2014

Let’s talk about Jamaica, shall we? It is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and has the culture to boot. I’m ashamed to say that for someone who loves warm weather,  this year was the first time that I had the pleasure of visiting the country.  And let’s just say that there is a lot more to the country than Bob Marley- although he is pretty fantastic.

The Caribbean is the only part of the world that I suggest all-inclusive trips for.  Not only are you pretty much taken care of the entire time that you’re there, but it allows you to relax, and enjoy the little piece of paradise without having to worry about pesky things like money. Also, when considering the cost of food, flight, and hotel, and accommodations, you really can’t beat the all inclusive prices.

That said, if you find yourself in Jamaica, like I did, and want to explore the world outside your resort, and get to know the country a bit better without spending money I would suggest the following activities.




This is organized and run by the Rockhouse Hotel Negril, and  was by far the most rewarding part of my trip to Jamaica. The Rockhouse Foundation has made it really easy for you to get involved in the community. I had the pleasure of reading to a class at a school. Not only did it totally remind of my days as a Sunday School teacher, but it allowed me to get acquainted with the education system and standards. Don’t worry if teaching isn’t your thing, there are tons of activities that you can partake in.

Rick’s Cafe:

Yes, it’s a tourist spot, but it’s also a great place to sit and watch people attempt to make that crazy dive off the cliff for free. You can easily spend an afternoon swimming here.

Local bars:

This was the second best part of my trip down south. No one says that you should only go the bars at your hotel. We went to a beach bar in Negril  and “club” located on a pier in Montego Bay to dance the night away. I would seriously suggest taking precaution and making sure that you’re going somewhere safe. Remember there is power in numbers. Just a heads- some places have a entry fee.

Yoga on the Seven Mile Beach:

You can’t come to Jamaica and not run, walk, or do yoga on the Seven Mile Beach. Not only is it absolutely breathtaking, but the serenity makes getting your  bum out of bed early morning worth it.

Free things to do in Jamaica


Meet The People:

This is a initiative by The Jamaican Tourism Board, and one that almost everyone needs to take part in. Think of “Meet The People” as a way to see what your life would look like if you lived in Jamaica. It’s very humbling experience.



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