Find Your Coupons Online – The Big Advantage

June 23, 2013

Have you ever wondered why manufacturers and retailers give discount through coupons? Why is it they won’t reduce the price and sell it without coupons? The fact is they can’t, because the price they get will be so low that they will not be able to sustain it for long. The purpose of coupons is to gain publicity, and the loss they make is written off as advertisement expenditures.

Why Shop With Coupons

Manufacturers print coupons to cover only a fraction of their production. It can cover up to 10-20% or sometimes less.  Even those coupons that they print and distribute are never fully used by shoppers. Manufacturers will seldom display the fact (on the packaging) that it can be bought with a coupon. Those who don’t use coupons actually subsidize buyers who use coupons.

Smart shoppers understand this fact and keep a rich supply of coupons at all times. They organize their coupons and keep them ready when they shop for groceries and other daily needs. You don’t have to wait for the manufacturers to send you coupons to get discounts, though, if you are one of the fortunate, you may receive them by mail. A better way to find coupons is online. All it takes is a little time to locate them. You can do it sitting in the comforts of your home.

Find Your Coupons – The Online Advantage

If you had received a coupon by mail or in your email, don’t discard it even if you don’t have any use for the product. They can be swapped for a coupon online, or you can even sell it and make some money, though the price you get will be only a fraction of the discount value. Another way to get coupons is to buy them straight from an online website that specializes in selling coupons.

The chief advantage of using online sources for coupons is you can select from hundreds of products, and from many different stores, and you can compare prices easily. It is not rare to see stores raising their prices just before issuing coupons. Using online sources for coupons also help you to experiment with lesser known new brands and products that are as good as well known ones.

Most coupon websites will give you store descriptions, and that means you will know beforehand about the products they stock. They will also be able to tell you about deals and offers in a brief and concise way most shoppers understand.

The Little Things about Coupons

Before you buy coupons online, you must check the expiry date printed on them. Most coupons have a definite period within which you will have to use them, and they are not extendable. Coupons distributed by manufacturers are usually usable across many stores (including online) as against store coupons that are redeemable in limited places. Stores that let you use manufacturer coupons are compensated for the loss by the manufacturer who issued them.


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