Earning Extra Cash: The Best Side Jobs to Get You Through the Tough Times in Life

December 11, 2016

You may be familiar with that sinking feeling when you realize you are short of cash, especially when it coincides with needing to cover unexpected expenses. Repair bills, upcoming weddings and similar events can stretch your finances to breaking point.

If you are looking for a loan, check out this offer from King of Kash as an option to consider. If you are also looking to boost your income with some extra work, keep reading!

Rewards for being a pet-friendly person


A good way of securing a bit of extra regular cash is to offer your services to pet owners. This is definitely a preferable option if you are someone who loves spending time with our furry friends.


You could get paid for dog-sitting or walking. Start by advertising your services locally or by signing up with some online services that offer to find customers for you.


Sites like care.com offer pet care services. They let you upload your profile for a fee and then make yourself available for an hourly rate. This makes you available to anyone in your area who is looking for someone to look after their pet. You get to choose your availability. This means that you should be able to fit this work in with your normal work schedule and preferences.


Another site is DogVacay.com. As you might expect, there is a vetting process. You will need to supply some photos and other personal information.


There are plenty of other sites too, including social media where you can advertise yourself in your area.


Helping out with maintenance


If you are quite good with your hands and enjoy doing regular maintenance jobs, it makes sense to consider offering your services. There are plenty of potential customers that don’t have the time, skills, or even ability to do some tasks around the home and garden.


Grounds maintenance is one such way of earning some extra cash. Offering to mow lawns, tidy up gardens and keep grounds in good shape could be a neat side-earner. The average amount you can expect to be paid is about $15 per hour, perhaps more. This will depend on both your skills and the area you are offering your services.


Drive for cash


You might be familiar with Uber and companies like it. You might even have used a similar service yourself. This can be another viable route to earning some extra cash.


Becoming a driver for Uber could get you earning in next to no time at all. Simply sign up. Provide all the necessary documentation, and then install the app. Once installed, make yourself available. The whole process can take a couple of hours or at most stretch out to a couple of days.


Rideshare companies take a commission for each ride. You will need to factor this cost, plus fuel, insurance and other costs into your equation. If you are prepared to make yourself available and put in the hours, you should be able to earn some extra cash as a driver.


Turn your hand to anything


If you have a particular talent, such as drawing or designing, or are simply prepared to consider pretty much anything (within reason), a site like Fivrr.com is well worth a look.


Here you will find thousands of different opportunities to browse through. You might come across someone that needs a voiceover artist. Maybe someone needs a new logo designed. It may even be something straightforward like collecting an item locally. By browsing through the listings, you will get an idea about what you can offer and what to charge.


The good thing with Fivrr and sites like it is that you can choose from what is on offer. Then match your skills, preferences, availability, and rate with those tasks. You will enjoy the transparency of setting a rate and will know ahead of time what each job will pay.


If things are a bit tight with money, there are now more options than ever before. So go ahead and earn a bit of cash, just when you need it most.