E-cigarettes: setting smokers financially free

January 31, 2014

One of the most expensive habits in the modern world today is smoking. Expensive for the constant outlay on your favourite brand, expensive in terms of increasing medical care & life insurance payments, expensive as it’s something that can eventually cost you your life. There are many ways to kick this habit, but the one which is growing in popularity and can release you from this financial imprisonment is to switch and buy electronic cigarettes, or those portable handheld vaporizers which is becoming a trend now for many(Check this Vaporizer Youtube profile to learn more).


A battery powered device, the e-cig operates by heating e-liquid when the user inhales. They come in a number of shapes and sizes with a starter kit generally being the best way to try them and see if they are the right thing for you.


In the UK, an average 20 a day smoker will spend around £8 a day on cigarettes which equates to about £245 a month and almost £3,000 a year. A significant amount of money. If that puts you off alone and enables you to go cold turkey then that’s great, but if you want an easier way, then e-cigs will save you approximately £2,500 a year, just over £200 a month.

An extremely heavy smoker would be set to save around double at £5,100 a year. Like with most things the figures start to add up over the years. A 20 a day smoker over 10 years; £30,000, a 40 a day smoker over 10 years; £51,000, it seems like an obvious choice to save by switching. Of course, this is just the cost of buying cigarettes. You’ll have also been spending money on accessories such as lighters and ash trays and even things to mask your habit; perfume or aftershave to hide the smell and mints or chewing gum to cover your bad breath.

Another area that can be an issue for tobacco smokers is health and life insurance. For example, based on a 45 year old and 25 year cover for a sum assured rate of £100,000, a smoker would pay £43.78 a month compared to a non-smoker rate of £19.78 a month. Some insurance groups offer electronic cigarette users a non-smoker rate, recognising that it is much healthier than smoking as the devices don’t contain tar or the 4,000 chemicals traditional cigarettes feature.

Savvy e-cig users can make further savings by the type of device that they use. A standard device which looks like a tobacco cigarette works out as slightly more expensive than using a pen style device which requires the user to fill it with e-liquid themselves. For a standard pack of five refills for a cigarette style device each contain around 1ml of e-liquid, whereas using a bottle of liquid for a refillable device can give you savings of around half of the price of a non-refillable.

If you’re a smoker and want to be financially free this year then e-cigarettes can certainly become a regular feature in your life that can help you to achieve this.