Cutting Costs: Indulge In Little Luxuries That Don’t Cost the Earth

December 20, 2012

Saving money and cutting costs is anything but easy and this time of year is the worst time to be saving. People are in a shopping frenzy with retailers offering oh-so-tempting deals everywhere you look; it takes a saint to resist the chic winter fashions, the beautiful gift sets and the festive accessories.

Spending = Saving?

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe resisting all of your shopping urges is where you’re going wrong? Have you considered that by denying yourself a few little luxuries you’ll actually end up spending more?

Okay, that sounds a bit ridiculous and it really depends on what you consider a little luxury. For example, giving in to the urge to buy a ‘bargain,’ 30 percent off $200 dress is definitely not a ‘little luxury!’ If you’ve wanted a new nail varnish for a while, however; that could be a good purchase.

Saving Is Like Dieting

If you think of saving like a diet, then this all makes a bit more sense. When we diet we end up craving chocolate, cake and crisps, but we resist the urge to eat them and turn to our sunflower seeds and celery. Of course the inevitable happens and we soon end up eating an inordinate amount of cake!

Dieticians say that for your diet to be a success, you shouldn’t deny yourself every little treat; you should, obviously, stay away from anything like deep-fried candy bars, but the odd cupcake every now and then is fine.

The same principle applies to saving money: if you refuse to let yourself buy any little treats at all, then you’ll soon find yourself at the shopping centre food court with bags piled up beside you. If, however, you let yourself indulge in the odd £3 nail varnish or some luxurious bubble bath, then you’ll keep your shopping urges at bay.

Make Your Saving Scheme Last

Let’s face it, spending an extra few pounds here and there on a long-term economy drive is a much better option for your bank balance than saving like a maniac for two weeks and then blowing the whole lot on a new pair shoes!

If you’re serious about saving, then be realistic with your plans; don’t pretend to yourself that you’re never going to buy a new lipstick or pair of earrings again because the chances are that that’s simply not going to happen.

Let yourself have your little luxuries to keep yourself looking and feeling great; it’s when we don’t feel good about ourselves that the big shopping splurges tend to happen!

The economy isn’t quite looking its best at the minute; it’s a difficult time financially. Be sensible with your spending and be realistic with your budgeting. Don’t deny yourself small treats, and you’ll be one step closer to healthy bank balance!